One of the reasons Felicity was one of the most popular historical characters in the American Girl line was her furniture which is considered to be Queen Anne styled furniture (an extension of the William and Mary style). Queen Anne furniture is very popular still in many traditional American homes (especially on the East Coast) which makes the doll size version even that more appealing.

The Queens Treasures China Cabinet and Table

When Felicity’s collection was retired I was upset with myself that I had not gotten her table and chairs. I had wanted to keep my Felicity on display in my office instead of leaving her in Natalie’s room, but it just didn’t seem right without her table. Luckily for me, The Queen’s Treasures has created furniture pieces for 18″ dolls in the Queen Anne style which are absolutely stunning. They sent me the Queen Anne Style China Hutch, Drop Leaf Table, Chairs and the Pink Rose Mini China to review and all I can say is WOW! Absolutely everything I have seen from The Queen’s Treasures is fantastic. They are an exceptional value because not only are they well made, they are well priced. And read to the end of this post and I will tell you how to get some of their items even more afford-ably.

The Queens Treasures China Cabinet and Table

Our new Ellowyne that we named Blair joined her best friend Elle in trying out the table and china first. They were helping me get things set up so that Felicity could enjoy a cup of tea in her new dining room. You can see the chairs and china are a bit too big for the 16″ Ellowyne dolls, but that’s okay, they don’t mind. The Queen’s Treasures furniture is designed to fit 18″ dolls and the scale is perfect. The mahogany stained drop leaf table measures 14 x 8.5 inches fully extended and is 9 inches tall. The Queen Anne style chairs measure 13 inches high with a seat measurement of 6.5 inches x 6.5 inches.

The Queens Treasure mini china for dolls

Here is a close up of the mini china in the Pink Rose pattern. You can buy the china as a set or buy the pieces you want individually. I also have Felicity’s original tea set which I need to get out of safe keeping next so I can show you side by side comparisons. Whether you already have Felicity’s set or not, these are great add on pieces so your dolls can have a more formal meal.


Elle and Blair couldn’t keep it a secret much longer – Felicity heard all the noise and had to come see the new China Hutch for herself.  She was very impressed at the amount of storage it has – like the pull out drawer will be good for holding table linens, silverware and additional accessories. Felicity is wearing her Holiday Gala gown and before you ask, no, I have not had the courage to send her off to the doll hospital yet

The Queen's Treasures tea set

And now Felicity would like to just enjoy a good book and a cup of tea. Did you notice something? Yes, the dishes are different. Felicity is enjoying her tea from the Antique Rose Tea Set also from The Queen’s Treasures. I will actually do a separate review on the tea set in coming days.

The Queen’s Treasures Queen Anne Style China Hutch, Table, Chairs and Mini China are beautiful enough to be used as display pieces in your home, but they are made well enough for doll play as well. These pieces are sure to be heirlooms and would be the perfect addition to your Felicity, Samantha or Rebecca collection – but for that matter, the pieces are such classics that just about any of your dolls can appreciate them.

Now for the tip! Visit The Queen’s Treasures and sign up for their email newsletter. Why? Because they send out exclusive coupon codes like the LOYAL30 one that is good right now that you can use to save big on your favorite doll clothes, accessories and furniture.