Printable St. Patrick’s Banner for Dolls

Our good friend Jen from 100 Directions has more cute printable decorations to get your doll space in the mood for St. Patrick’s Day later this month.

Get all dressed up, put your best green on and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your favorite 18″ dolls. Today I have a printable so your doll can fit in, too, with a St. Patrick’s Day hat and a “LUCKY” banner. Plus, it is a fun craft you can make with your friends.

Printable St. Patricks Day banner for dolls

Materials you will need to make the banner:

Instructions to make the banner:

  1. Cut out the individual banner pieces, one for each letter and three of the shamrock circles.
  2. Cut a long piece of string or yarn.
  3. Tape the string to the back of each letter. You can also include shamrocks in your banner, alternating between letters. Or you can use the shamrocks to decorate somewhere else. Make sure you leave one shamrock for the hat.

I can’t wait to hear what you think. If you come up with other ways to use this printable, take a picture and email it to so we can all see it! I love sharing the creativity.

For more photos and the directions to make the St. Patrick’s Day hat, visit Jen’s site at 100 Directions.

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  1. lanielover says:

    Firstie! Cool!

  2. Wow I am first. I know this can get annoying but it’s cool!

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  4. I love this! My grandma makes such good Irish soda bread on St Patricks day! Lol this is really cute. : )
    This is Saiges first St Patricks day!!!! Yay!!!! Shes going to love my grandmas bread… Hee hee…. : )

  5. hey char when are you going to post the la dee da toy fair pics?

  6. goty girl says:

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  7. Bailey – I am working on those today.

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  9. Hey Char, is the next reader’s photo contest for St. Patrick’s day???

  10. Ellie – more than likely 😉

  11. AG LOVER says:

    Cool how do you make/get the hat?

  12. AG LOVER says:

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  13. ok thanks char!!!

  14. Thanks for the cool craft! I’ll be sure to try it out!

  15. cute! can u do some passover crafts too?

  16. Cool! When is the reader photo contest starting?

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  18. Ava – look for the reader photo contest to start Friday.

  19. Soo cute…
    i competed in our state spelling bee today!!
    I went to agp boston yesterday :)

  20. Adorable!!!!

  21. Cute!

  22. Katie R. says:

    I will be at a zone meet for swimming in bowling green on st. patricks day weekend and I will be swimming on my dads birthday too.

  23. i did it it is awesome