Our very talented friend Jen from 100 Directions is at it again! She has made a very special mini bouquet of flowers printable just for us!


Give someone special a tiny flower bouquet. I designed this with Mother’s Day in mind, but it’s a project you can use all year round (like for Teacher Appreciation week ;-)). The printable comes with a variety of little flowers in circles and some swatches of colorful patterns. You can cut the flowers out, keep the circles or cut them off. You can also use the colored patterns to make a card or decorate another gift you are making. I also left some of the flowers uncolored so you can color or paint them yourself.

Make mini bouquet for dolls  

For you…

To make a mini flowers bouquet…



  • Cut out the flowers you want to use. If you want to color your flowers yourself, it’s easier to do before you cut them out from the paper.
  • Cut the chenille stems into 2-3 pieces, this way you’ll get 3 stems out of one pipe cleaner.
  • Twist the end of the stem to make a little spiral. Wrap it around the end of a pencil to get it started (optional).
  • Glue the spiral end of the stem to the back of the flower. Allow glue to dry.

Tip: I wrapped my bouquet with a small strip of patterned paper to keep the flowers together.

So many fun possibilities, right? I hope you have fun with it!