Printable Journal Pages for Girls and Dolls

The response from the printable Doll ID worksheet has been so positive that I decided to make you some more pages that you could use in a doll notebook or journal. And this time, not only can you print them out for yourself, I made them in doll size, too, so your dolls can have them in their classrooms or journals. These are perfect for creative writing, cataloging your collection, summer writing journals, party fun and classroom play!

Printable journal sheets for dolls and girls

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader (chances are, your computer already has it, if not go to to download these PDF files and print them.

On the story starter pages the top half of the page is left blank so you can paste a photo of your dolls and the scene you have set up for them or draw your own picture!


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  1. YAY!! i love this and firstie!!!

  2. Hey everyone!! i just wanted to say that there is a giveaway going on at this blog: and i hope y’all like it!!!!!

  3. agisthebest says:

    i am totally gonna print these out! soooooooooo cute!

  4. Awesome! Currently going downstairs tO print…..,.

  5. Megan, i was just on there i enterd i really want that gren telephone and that green and brown braclet from there it is so cute!!

  6. yeah i LOVE the phone!!! its soooooooo cute!!!

  7. I love this and does anyone recommend ivy because I want to save for her

  8. Hayley – Ivy is awesome! Her hair is super easy to care for, too!

  9. agisthebest says:

    char- i am glad you brought that up. i really want ivy. and i will be getting her soon. i am glad you like her. :-)


  10. Char, when r u going to post the ideas for the reader photo contest? No rush !!! I don’t want to rush u I’m just curious.

  11. I was going to put ideas up for vote but Natalie had the perfect idea so I have decided to use her idea. I will let you know in the Sunday showcase post.

  12. caroline says:

    Char- can you send webcam videos? Because i know i can email the webcam vids to you, but i didn’t know if they had to be sent by youtube

  13. You can try sending them that way. I will let you know how they work out.

  14. caroline says:

    ok thanks!

  15. caroline says:

    Char- can you put your voice inthe video just not your face? I understand either way

  16. caroline says:

    oh and also i started and it is going to be rather long, so sorry!

  17. Voice yes, face no 😉

  18. caroline says:

    ok thats what i thought so thats what i did lol!

  19. agisthebest says:

    char- would you recommend ivy? if had to do over again, would you still buy her? is she one of your favorites? do you no anyone who has ivy and doesn’t like her? do you no anyone who has her who likes her? i am asking these ?’s bcuz i really want her, but i want to make sure i am doing the right thing.
    please leave any additional comments on ivy. and to all of the other dolldiaries lovers and commenters, please answer these question’s too.
    PS: i am going to set up my blog/website soon! yippee!

  20. I absolutely recommend Ivy! She is one of my favorite American Girl dolls. Her hair is very easy to maintain, she looks great in every outfit, and I think she is just too cute.

  21. do u guys recommend kit? if i got her i ould rename her katiie

  22. Chloe – Kit is another doll you just can’t go wrong with – she is just so cute and works well as a historical character and as a modern girl.

  23. oha and what is the doll with blonde long wavy hair brown eyes light skin and freckles number?

  24. does anyone have the my american girl doll light skin w/ freckels,wavy brown hair, and hazel eyes? do u reccomened her because im saving up for her ;D

  25. Char -ok thanks I’m saving for ivy and McKenna :)

  26. Clair, I don’t have her but I’ve seen her in person she’s a wonderful doll but her hair is more curly than wavy. But the little curls are usually at the end. I used to know Simone who had her but she moved away in December does anybody know any new myags coming out soon?