printable Halloween banner for dolls

Here’s a fun Halloween freebie for you from my friend Jen Goode. This printable Happy Halloween Banner is the perfect size just for your dolls. You’ll get a page to print out that includes two different sized banners so you can use them with your 18″ dolls or your smaller dolls. Each banner prints in black and white so you can either color however you’d like or you can print out the decorations on colored paper of your choice.

To make your banner:

1. Click here to download the pdf file
2. Print it
3. Cut out the letter pennants
4. Tape some string or yarn on the back of each letter

Now you’re ready to hang your new Halloween banner!

Jen also made a cute Trick or Treat pumpkin using the bottom half of an Easter egg – brilliant! Visit her Happy Halloween for Dolls post for the easy to follow instructions.

Thanks for sharing this with us Jen!!