I know you all miss the 100 Days of Doll Play, so between Karen and myself (and maybe a few other crafty guests) we have some fun Halloween inspired doll play, crafts and printables planned for the upcoming weeks. Also, the Halloween Parade for dolls (also known as the October Reader Photo Contest) starts this weekend, so start getting your dolls in costume!

doll sized Halloween treat bag printable

I made a simple paper pattern for you and added some Halloween graphics. All you will need is your printer, scissors, tape and ribbon.

doll sized Halloween treat bag printable

Step 1:Β Download the Halloween Treat Bag pattern as a PDF file

Step 2: Print out the Treat Bag pattern

Step 3: Optional – cover the image with clear packing tape before you cut it out to add strength

Step 4: Cut around the edge of the bag template

Halloween Treat Bag pattern

Step 5: Fold the bag on the solid lines

Step 6: Fold tabs inside and tape

Step 7: Use a hole punch to make two holes on each side

Step 8: Make handle with ribbon

Doll Sized Halloween Treat Bag

Samantha is ready to Trick or Treat! She has on her beautiful Snow White Fairy Tale costume from MyDollsLife.com (which we are giving away later this week), and her Halloween Treat bag is ready to go.

Oh no!! It’s Fritz the Cat! Our cats really just can’t help themselves!

Doll Sized Halloween Treat Bag

And after Fritz dashed through our photoshoot, now you can see the other side of Samantha’s treat bag.

Be sure to take a look at Karen’s craft from last year and make some doll sized chocolate bars and treats for your dolls to put in their bags!

I have another way to make this same bag using… Duct Tape… and will share that craft tomorrow or Thursday.

Have a great afternoon!