Printable Coloring Pages and Worksheets for American Girl Dolls

I know how much a lot of you like to play school with your dolls! And I have had a few requests for doll sized worksheets and coloring pages, too.  I am happy to share with you my first set of 18″ doll sized worksheets you can print out, color or use in your doll play.

doll sized coloring pages and worksheets

Download the Doll Sized Printable Worksheets as a PDF file.

I measured the page size of the worksheets that come in the folder of the American Girl School Desk set and created this first set of math worksheets, coloring pages, tic-tac-toe and word search for your American Girl, Maplelea, Springfield Dolls, or similar sized dolls.

Print as many copies as you need, but remember, they are for personal use only and can not be sold or included in any other publication without my permission. And let me know what you think or if you have requests for future printable sets.

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  1. firstie! awesome.

  2. seccondie!!!! awesome!!!!! i cant wait to play school with my doll now!!!!!!

  3. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Great for a video I’m thinkingof

  4. ausome. fourthie!

  5. Awesome! Thank you!

  6. Thanks char for doing my request :)

  7. Sorry that was me 😉

  8. Ooh wait ithought I was doll lover 100 when I said thanks for doing my request :)

  9. Can you come with a way for more school supplies? I already made the pencils back pack have mini glue sissors and these any ideas for a desk?

  10. We will see what we can come up with

  11. that is so cool i’ve been looking for stuff like that! Thanks Char!

  12. Char- can you get (or make) coloring pages for ag dolls? if you can then that would be great!!

  13. That is something I am working on for the upcoming weeks

  14. Coll ill probly print these later. Hey does anyone know were i can get a cheap, unused nikki doll? Or maybe mia. There was this website that had them but i cant find it, snyway, there probly isnt any under $200.

  15. Cute!! :)

    And, Erica, I HIGHLY doubt you’ll find a Nicki or Mia with a price tag you’re looking for… since they are retired GOTY dolls, they’re in higher demand, because they aren’t made anymore. :)
    Check ebay for a slightly used doll, maybe??

  16. I’ll defiantly print these later 😀

    Oh, and Kellee I agree with you, just get a slightly used one, you can always fix her hair later 😉 Or remove nail polish, etc.


  17. Erica,
    I got GOTY 2009,Chrissa, on a place called craigslist for $78. You should look on there. Hope that helps!

  18. oh my good ness that is so cute! and does anyone know were i can get a Chrissa doll for like $60 it you do please let me know!!

  19. Wow, those are awesome! I will definitely print them out soon, I’m sure the girls wil have tons of fun with these!!

  20. there is a $250 nikki on craiges list. maybe christmas. (sigh)

  21. That’s so funny! I just spent my weekend creating a Doll School packet. I was going to post it on my blog next week!

    These are really cute :] I can’t wait to use them!

  22. Thank you for these! I love doll-size school supplies. :)

  23. Awesome, Char! That’s really cool! You should definitly make more! I might even make some! I’ve made plenty of posters for my dolls. You could make a map of the world or something……….

  24. I just just got two dolls, Sonali and Gwen off of eBay, so I would check there, Erica. Also, if you want supplies like paint, pastels, notebooks, and stuff like that has a HUGE selection of them. There’s also everything else like kitchen supplies, office supplies, books, magazines, games, and SO much more. I HIGHLY reccomend going there to anyone who can!!! It’s just everything for dolls you can think of and you just print it out!!!!! I printed out almost everything on there.

  25. This is so cute!Igot Samantha plus the our generation wardrobe for only 40 dollars on craigslist and that was them together.Except i had to do a lot of fix up!But she turned out great! Oh and i totally recommend craigslist for anything or any of your needs!And i also looked up garage sales and there was one AG Doll one and it was all american girl doll stuff.I bought 2 out fits!So i totally recommend it.

  26. YAAY!!! Thx Char I love playing doll school!!! Oh and Erica w check dollabee that might work because i saw a 150$ kailey!!!

  27. This will go great with the american girl school set!

  28. oh my goodness! Erica, i can’t beleve that nikki is $250 that is outrageous amont of money more than ag!!!!! and if anyone has the brekfast in bed set (from Ag) can you tell me how it is because i going to ortor it and i want to see how it is Thanks guys!! (srry i am a bad speller!)


  29. We have the Breakfast in Bed set and it is very cute. You can see it here:

  30. Thank you for taking the time to make these doll worksheets. My daughter will love them and will probably play school all weekend.

  31. You are most welcome Wendy! I will make more soon.

  32. Nicolette says:

    i love these cute doll sized worksheets Char, ill definitely print these out sometime! 😉

  33. OMG!!!!! Thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!