Printable BRAVE Activities

On Thursday we get to go see Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE at the theater in a special pre-screening showing. Can you say EXCITED??? I think I am more excited about the movie than the kids are.

I was sent some printable BRAVE activities to share with my readers – so print away and get your BRAVE on, too!

Printable Brave maze activity

Download the printable BRAVE maze as a PDF file.

Printable BRAVE Merida Queen Elinor characters to cut out

Download the printable BRAVE character cut outs as a PDF file.

BRAVE Coin Archery Game

Download the printable BRAVE Coin Archery game as a PDF file.

These printables would be the perfect addition to a BRAVE birthday party or pre-movie party, too.

Ellowyne Wilde as Merida

Even our Raw Edges Ellowyne is excited for the movie BRAVE!! She is already dressed and hoping we will take her to the movie with us. Her hair is getting there but it’s not quite right yet – hopefully by Thursday it will have that true Merida feel to it. Right now she looks like a grown up version of Merida.

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  1. That’s it… I gotta get an Ellyowyne Wilde doll!

  2. Your ellowyne looks really Irish!

  3. cute!

  4. Brave is the first Disney movie I have really wanted to see since the Princess and the Frog, and I’ll be going to the primier. Lucky that you get to see it this early!

    Also, it bugs me to no end that her official merchandise has obviously celtic knotwork on it. She’s Scottish, not Irish!

  5. aglover says:

    so cute

  6. AGLover says:

    I’m so excited for Brave!! I have her doll and horse Angus and the playset too! I played the games online, printed out things from the Brave Website, made recipes, and played the “find the triplets” game ar the Movie theater for Brave Stickers! Yes, I’m a bit Brave obsessed :)
    Thanks you so much for sharing these! I’ll add them to my Brave collection 😀 I can’t wait for the movie to come out in theaters!!

  7. I cant wait for Brave! I love Merida’s look and personality, and that accent is enchanting!

  8. Ok, I can’t wait to see this movie, does anybody have a big version of a Blythe doll? Not Lps, I really need to know if there good quality

  9. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I want to see Brave. I sure as heck hope Mairead Nesbitt, fiddler of Celtic Woman and fiddler in Tinker Bell movies, is in it

  10. Delaney says:

    Merida’s hair is more orange than red and it has spiral curls, other than that she is a maturer version of Merida! :)

  11. I can’t WAIT for Brave! No fair you get to see it early :-( Let me know how it is!!! I have the transforming triplets and the Merida polly pocket size doll. I am in LOVE with the three bears! So cute!

  12. Emma – trust me, I will definitely be sharing my report with our readers on Friday.

  13. I love her hair but I wish she was a hand drawn cartoon like the classic Disney movies. The old movies are better.

  14. That’s not fair!!!! I hope you enjoy seeing the movie!!!

  15. I want to be a disney princess so much! lol! “PRINCESS GAIL” I would want to be the princess amd the pea.

  16. i not to big on the movie……………it doesn’t look that good……..but i really like the dolls at the store!

  17. Adorable! I want to see that movie so bad! I wish i had her hair :)

  18. Char~ when are you going to do day 12????

  19. I have the toddler Merida doll from the Disney store. She is in Mckennas meet outfit, and it fits perfectly! My dad promised me to see the movie, and I squeal at every commercial. I really need to give her a polishing before, I will fit in with all the other girls sighing, I mean who does not want a princess, that shoots arrows, who hates being a princess, and by Pixar?

  20. Megan – the activity of the day posts are going to go up around 11 each day.

  21. ok thats what i thought…….

  22. I thought you had bought the Merida doll! Your Ellowyne is looking just like her! (:

  23. Chloe- I have a big version of a blythe doll and they are terrific!

  24. aglover says:

    i know right all ag i hope this is a good movie

  25. Char-have you ever heard of Pullip dolls?

  26. Marina~ i think she has.

  27. Marina – yes I have – they are cute.

  28. Hello sigh 😀

  29. :)

  30. madelon says:

    We can’t wait to see the movie. You are so lucky to see it early!