Rumors about American Girl’s changes to the historical line have been flying for a while but as we get closer and closer to the next set of AG releases we are starting to see possible proof of these rumors. A few different people have emailed me to let me know that one of the new boxes has surfaced.

American Girl Be Forever Julie PJS

I went and looked on Ebay and with very little searching, I found this listing: American Girl Doll Julie’s Pajamas from a Chinese seller.

The fact that it is from a Chinese seller and it is showing up ahead of time tells me this not supposed to be out yet. Since I have now seen this in multiple places and have a direct link on a public site for you, I don’t mind sharing it. If you look at the seller’s other listings there are some interesting AG items which also may be leaks, prototypes or not going to happens. There is a party dress for Caroline in the same Beforever packaging and a tunic outfit that I am not sure who it should be for.

What are my thoughts on Beforever? I personally don’t have a problem with AG making changes to the marketing of their historical line. If it encourages more interest in history through play then its good. Obviously they needed to mix things up a bit and I can guarantee this decision wasn’t made on a whim. They are smart business people – it was researched, tested, they had focus groups, and they ran the numbers.

What are your thoughts?