So many centuries have come and gone and with each one the doll world has grown and developed in so many ways.  What would our ancestors say when introduced to today’s dolls?   Now as a doll lover I look for dolls that speak out to me, so the facial expression is always number one, but beyond that,  a doll that can pose in various forms is top of my list.   So what does it mean for a doll to be poseable?

I have selected three different manufactures:  American Girl (Grace), Gotz (Maxine-Sophie from Happy Kidz), Kidz n Cats (Alexis).  As most of you know AG has a soft body, while Gotz and KNC have all vinyl bodies, but does it really matter?   No, not in my opinion, it all depends on how you maximize your dolls capability.   The AG doll has 5 joints, Gotz has 9 and KNC has 11 joints, so the more joints the more positions a doll can do?  Yes, that is true, but they are all capable of  being posed.  Here is a scene where Grace is walking through the park having come from the bakery with a bag containing a loaf of  bread and some macarons.  She sees Maxine working at the Bistro, taking food to a customer, while Alexis is sitting drinking her spritz water.

Grace is a poseable doll because she can hold a pose without a doll stand, here she is walking.   The shoes a doll wears impacts how well they can stand and balance a walking position.  Grace can also hold items in her hands with a realistic look because of the way her hands are shaped (clear rubber bands are used at times, here it was used).  Here she holds a bag with goodies.   Her head can only move side to side but it is enough to allow her to look in one direction while posed in another direction.  Her arms also move allowing the arms to be position forward and backwards as if walking realistically.

Maxine has more capabilities for achieving different poses because she has more joints.  What I do love about the Gotz dolls are the shape of  their hands, they can so easily hold  items like Maxine is doing,  not only are the hands shaped the correct way but having  joint elbows allows the hands to come close together.  Maxine can easily stand without a doll stand, she can hold many realistic and playful poses.  Her head can tilt in addition to moving side to side, allowing her to turn with a look like she is going to say something to you.

A closer look at how well her hands can be positioned to hold a plate with two items, no rubber bands!

Alexis is the most poseable of  the three dolls, she of course has 11 joints allowing to achieve the most poses a doll can have in today’s doll world.  She too can stand without a doll stand. She can sit with her legs bended at the knees, her hand wrists have joints allowing her to hold a glass with a more realistic look with no rubber bands.   Her head also can be moved in various positions not just side to side.  Notice how Alexis holds her glass and the other arm rests nicely on the chair’s armrest,  just like a real person because of the wrists joints.

Here is a side view, showing Alexis in the sitting position.

All these dolls are considered poseable in my opinion and putting them together to form a play scene knowing their limitations but at the same time maximizing their capabilities is awesome!  Selecting the perfect outfit even if it means mix and matching parts from various outfits, using the correct props and selecting various dolls to do a photo story, or a doll scene to play with, is what brings me  fun and joy in  having a doll collection.

What makes a doll poseable to you?

Fun Facts:
1. All items are part of my collection.  I own many dolls from different manufactures but I selected these three because they are my favorite manufactures.
2. The new Gotz dolls can be purchased from My Doll Best Friend (she ships to the USA), and the Kidz N Cats are available in the USA via eBay from different retailers and private collectors.