Recently the mailman delivered pizza to our house.

He delivered doll size pizza, for play, from The Queen’s Treasures!  Let’s take a look at these new pizzas and accessory sets that The Queen’s Treasures sent me to review.

Pizza for Dolls-6

The pizza comes packaged in a pizza box, perfect for play!

Pizza for Dolls-7

Mmmm, it’s gonna make you hungry for hot fresh pizza!

Pizza for Dolls-8

The Pizza Pan, Cutter & Oven Mitt Set are a perfect add-on for more play value.  (It also comes with that cute red and white cording but I wasn’t sure what it’s for?)

Pizza for Dolls-12

“Bake” your pizza from home or from your pizza shop with the real metal pan.  The oven mitt is a cute red gingham and can be worn on either hand.

Pizza for Dolls-10

The pizza cutter is hands down my favorite piece in this set.

Pizza for Dolls

It is made out of metal and wood and the wheel of the cutter turns like a real pizza cutter.  There’s no need to worry, the blade is a dull and very safe for little hands.

The pizza cutter is also incredibly easy to pose for doll play because it will prop up and balance on one side.

Pizza for Dolls-2

Each pizza comes with one piece sliced.  There is enough room to use the pizza cutter and “slice” the piece of pizza, which is cool!

Pizza for Dolls-4

The Queen’s Treasures is known for it’s high quality items for doll play and the pizza sets and accessories are no different.  The attention to detail with the wood handle on the pizza cutter, using metal on the rest of the pizza cutter and the metal pizza pan have a realistic look and feel in your hand.

Pizza for Dolls-19

The pizzas are solid and made of something that feels like ceramic but more sturdy for play.  This is different then the common plastic doll accessories and has a higher quality feel.

Each pizza has a textured surface and what looks like hand-painted details.

Here is the pepperoni pizza.

Pizza for Dolls-13

This is the cheese pizza.

Pizza for Dolls-15

One thing I noticed that I would keep an eye on is that the inside of the pizza boxes had paint “scuffs” on them from the pizzas.  They are light and mostly on the pizza box lid as you can see in the photo below.  It looks like the pizza must have moved around in shipping and rubbed the inside of the box.  The paint on the pizza feels durable, solid and there are no scuff marks on the pizza.  I’m guessing with the movement in shipping it slightly left a mark on the inside of the box.  Since the pizza is a food accessory and will be used for scenes in play I don’t think it will be a problem.

Pizza for Dolls-20

The pizzas and the accessory set is sold separately which is nice to pick and choose for your collection.

Each piece is a fun addition to doll play!

The sets perfectly combine together for more options for play.  With 2 pizzas and the accessories you have a great set up for a pizza shop, or to “bake” in the doll kitchen.

Pizza for Dolls-22

Here are links to each set from The Queen’s Treasures.

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

Hope you enjoyed a closer look at these fun pizza sets for doll play!