Picture of the Our Generation Kitchen Set

Our Generation Kitchen for 18" dolls

The Our Generation Kitchen that you can get at Target is just adorable. Natalie used her pet sitting and Easter money to buy this set earlier this week (it was $60 at Target) and has been playing with it non-stop. She is on Spring Break this week which means more time for dolls, friends and special outings.

Anyhow, I went up to her room last night to see what was going on and this is what I saw. Calista in her jammies enjoying a fruit smoothie (from the AG Breakfast in Bed set) in the kitchen. Natalie is working on a video tour/review of the set that I hope to get posted for you by this weekend.

The quality of the Our Generation sets is not quite what you would get from American Girl or The Queen’s Treasures, but they have different sets – like the laundry room, dressmaking set, bathtub/spa set – that come with a gazillion little accessories which just make them fun, and the prices are so much more affordable! For example, the Our Generation tent set is less than $20 compared to $75 for the American Girl version. The OG bathtub is on sale for $17 right now and the AG bathtub set is $58.

We’re off to the amusement park today, so have a great one and I’ll check in on comments as I can.

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  1. That’s SO cute! Yeah, I agree that the prices are really good! I have an Our Generation Doll. A few months ago I bought their shoe set. It was so cute and had real shoe shining stuff. It was only $20 and I got 9 new pair for my dolls! It was a great deal!

  2. Cool kitchen

  3. I love OG! I love the kitchen and bathtub sets.

  4. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT! I WANT IT NOW!

  5. This is really great info for my 18 play doll display in the doll room. I don’t have much for their scale and I really like this set. Thanks to Natalie!

  6. Charlie – watch for Target to put some the OG items on temporary price reduction or clearance as they do that quite often – or if you are like us and get tons of Target coupons sometimes there is a coupon for $5-10 your purchase. And wait until you see all the fun stuff with this set – the dishwasher with removable racks, lots of play food, storage in the clock, loads of dishes, too. It’s a great set.

  7. Speaking of the OG tent, it’s gotten pretty bad reviews on Amazon. It’s seems it’s hard to put together b/c the poles are so rigid.

  8. Sharry – that is good to know. The worst part about the OG Kitchen was getting it out of the packaging. That was borderline RIDICULOUS. It took us almost an hour to take out everything, but once it was set up its good.

  9. I have a OG trundle bed. It was $50 but add tax and its $60. It adorable and cheaper then AG beds. But it doesnt come with a blanket its sheets are sewed on inless you ant to cut it off…

  10. Was the rug included? Its so cute!

  11. The rug is a placemat from Bed Bath and Beyond that was on clearance for 99 cents.

  12. Anastasia says:

    That looks really fun to play with. : )

  13. Sharry- the OG tent is VERY HARED TO PUT UP i have it and my mom helped me with it and when we were trying to pt the top pice on the thent polls allmost broke! so i do not recamed it at all!

  14. I have the bath tub a dresser, and a bunch of clothing and accessories. Good quality!!! :)

  15. Oh and a trundle bed!

  16. Oh and I got mine a while ago in 2007 and my blanket was sewed but nothing else and it came with the sheets pillows an all that stuff

  17. Char-what amusement park are you going to? I have also seen a doll jeep there. It is about 30 dollars I think.

  18. I have the OG kitchen! It is so cool and detailes

  19. Caitlin – we just got home from Kings Dominion and it was a wonderful day!

  20. I have a few OG outfits and my first 18″ doll was an OG! It had blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles like Kit. My mom even had our hairdresser cut it’s hair short. I had her to prove I was old enough to take care of an American Girl. I also love their horses, (I have two big ones and a foal) and the sewing kit. It has a sewing machine!

  21. I recently got the doll jeep from OG, and I love it! It’s not quite the quality it would be if AG made it, but then again, if AG made it it would probably cost like $200…
    I also have the bathtub (which is nice) and the tent. Speaking of the tent, it IS very difficult to put together, but after it is together it is very nice. :)
    I certainly know that this kitchen set is next on my list to get from Our Generation! 😉

  22. ugh ive wanted that set for sooooo long but i cant afford it plus i only got 10 dolllars for easter money how do u get 60 bucks quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Lorie Ann says:

    My daughter would love that! Thanks for posting the picture. She has a MAG (green eyes, short red hair – though its more strawberry blond like hers) and an OG Pinto Horse and bath tub. She received her horse Christmas 2010 and its quite bigger than the one my neice received this padt Christmas. Better quality too. I noticed all the horses are smaller.

    Her walk in closet it where she keeps her AG items.

    Is the OG closet/dresser nice?

  24. Lorie Ann – I have not seen the OG Closet up close so I can’t say whether it is a good value or not.

  25. Lorie Ann says:

    Oh and on the OG bath tub…the tub is nice but some of the accessories were not made well. The ipod broke very easily and the mirror and soap holder dont stay on the tub. The robe also has a small tear. Sometimes I think its better in the long run to save up some more to get the better quality AG items. But the OG horse looks better imo than the AG one. And its nice quality. Well the one my daughter has.

  26. Lorie Ann – I agree, certain items are worth saving for, but in the case of the kitchen set, AG doesn’t offer one so the OG one is perfect.

  27. agisthebest says:

    lorie ann-
    i have the og closet and it is wonderful.
    i recomend it.

  28. agisthebest says:

    i mean recommend it

  29. I would love to get this set, but I never go to Target! Lol!
    Have fun at the amusement park!

  30. Nicolette says:

    i really want that set but it costs so much! it looks very cute

  31. I have the OG horse, and the BIIIIG white vanity closet thing. the closet I hve is good quality, made with real wood, and HEAVY! it mirror is real glass and it comes with a cute pink plush bench!
    Char, do the pieces come apart? or are they permanently stuck together like that? i would want the fridge to be separate from the dishwasher. i also have the sewing machine, the dress up trunk and the salon chair, all good quality with lots of detail!

  32. Zoe – the fridge is a separate piece.

  33. is it on sale becuase i want it

  34. Daniella – last time we were at Target it was not on sale