UPDATED-Pictures of New American Girl Rebecca

So a bunch of people got an email today from American Girl with a teaser picture of the new historical character, Rebecca.

american girl rebecca sneak peek

Basically it is their sneak peek photo that gives us just enough of a look at her face to know she is going to have light brown hair, hazel eyes and a very cool velvet hat. She will be released May 31 and all the American Girl stores will have special events in her honor.

UPDATED – Here is another photo someone got (thanks for the link Lena):

American Girl Doll Rebecca American Girl Rebecca

When I was at the Chicago store the employees were hush hush on the details of Rebecca, but I am sure the stores are getting ready for some rearranging to make way for her collection.

Another Update!

Rebecca Rubin American Girl doll - new May 31 New American Girl Rebecca Rubin

Of course, thank you Doll Diaries readers! Two of you sent this to me which is great, because I didn’t get one. If you see any more sneak peeks or have any doll scoop, send it to me at share@dolldiaries.com.

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  1. Anaka says:

    everyone !!!!!!!!!! she is on the site ag and you can click on her stuff!!! she dose have kittens. and guess what on her movie dress she has kit’s shoes!

    so cool!
    i have chrrisa


  2. Emma says:

    Hmm…I don’t really like Rebecca, only her school outfit. She doesn’t seem like I thought she would be, but she’s ok.

  3. chrysanthamum says:

    i like her meet dress outfit.

  4. kylie says:

    OMG!!! She’s on the website already!!!!!! I ordered her already I can’t wait for her to come!

  5. chrysanthamum says:

    your so lucky how exciting. when will she arrive?
    it usually tkes over a week form when i plcae the order.

  6. kylie says:

    I’m not sure, but I hope she comes soon! My mom ordered her for me, we just got the confirmation email.

  7. kylie says:

    Will Becca have a best friend doll, did AG confirm it?

  8. Anaka says:

    i don’t know kylie good question but i think she will because of her books. There is another girl on one of her book’s. So it is a mystery, but if i remember julie was, showed on Oprah so maybe rebecca will be on Oprah???

  9. chrysanthamum says:

    did julie have more stuff than rebecca when she was released?
    will they make the character’s dolls from the books; for julie and ivy who had chinese dolls? and rebecca, ruthie,?

  10. Holly says:

    i belive julie did.

  11. Anaka says:

    i have bad news, rebbecca will not be on the oprah winfree show. i emailed ag and they said no so no oprah but that isn’t dissapointing i asked if she will have a bf so i will info soon

  12. Taylor says:

    Do you guys think I should get Rebecca or Kirstin? I like Rebecca more than Kirsten and Rebecca’s clothes and stuff more cuz I have Samantha and Nellie, and I just love their clothes and Rebecca’s clothes is very similar. And I like the Victorian Era time and around that time. But I also like Kirstin too, and I’m afraid they might retire her, and if they come out with a friend for Rebecca I would want her too. And I don’t know how many more dolls my mom will buy for me cuz she says like 3 or 4 is enough. And I just have Samantha and Nellie right now. So which one should I get?

  13. Holly says:

    well, in my opinion, rebecca. she would go w/ the ones u already have. u could change their outfits and still be historically accurate.

    but, thats just my opinion.

  14. Taylor says:

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing, but I’m still thinking which one to get, but I think I’m leaning more towards Rebecca.

  15. Ashura says:

    omg She Has Marisols Skin color and eyes
    and she is awesome
    i’m getting her in august im saving WISH ME LUCK
    lol :333