Picture of Chrissa American Girl of the Year 2009

ANOTHER UPDATE!  The rumors are true – not only will there be Chrissa the Girl of the Year for 2009, American Girl is releasing two best friends dolls with her – Gwen (blonde) and Sonali (dark hair). The dolls are being released January 1, 2009.


UPDATE!!! Thanks to all my readers who quickly sent over the picture of Chrissa as published in USA Today! You all are FABULOUS!

American Girl is notorious for teasing us with countdowns to their girl of the year (GOTY) dolls and they are beginning to realize that most of their countdowns can be cracked. The lead up to Chrissa seems to be falling into the normal pattern. On the American Girl site their is a count down to Chrissa page and each day you can reveal another piece of her.

What we know so far: her dress is like the one the actress, Sammi Hanratty, is wearing in the movie promo; her hair is shoulder length, brown and relatively straight, and she has a similar face mold to the today doll #28.

The photo shown here is one that an AGFMB member was able to reveal and she has posted it in her Picasa album, too.

The Chrissa Stands Strong movie (American Girl: Girl of the Year 2009) will debut on HBO on January 5, 2009 and the DVD will be available for purchase on January 6, 2009. Her book, Chrissa Stands Strong (American Girl Today) ,is already available for pre-order.

Update – the book covers are now included with the pre-order information.

Below is the sneak peek from earlier. If you have any other pictures – especially once she is released, let us know (share@dolldiaries.com)

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  1. thanks pricilla ive collected all my life since lke 4

  2. julie
    jly tht looks like marisol
    retired jly
    and next sonali!

  3. priscilla says:

    is anyone on?
    hav a great 2009!

  4. im gonna ask my mom when i can go to ag place

  5. priscilla says:

    iv never been 2 ag place cuz i dont liv by one! hav u ever been 2 one?

  6. priscilla says:

    where’s holly?

  7. priscilla says:

    is any 1 on here?
    r u getting sonali or gwen?
    i love both sonali,chrissa,and gwen!

  8. all this fighting is making me diiiiiiiiiizzy…..you each have your different perspectives so that doesn’t neccessarily mean that either of you is wrong. Was’nt there a saying or something that the first person to apologize is the bigger man (in this case girl, lol)
    Kirsten is so very cute! I love her books, i read them each twice! She has great books that are about moving to a new place and feeling comfortable there, I think that it is really cool how even though Kirsten is from 1854, she had the same problems that girls these days face! I think I’ve figured out what is different about AG in 2008/2009 than when they first came out. When the dolls first came out, everything was about the books and the great stories behind the dolls, but theses days its more about marketing and profit. My Grandma (she is the one that started me and my cousins on dolls) says that when Pleasant Company made the dolls it was about the stories, and then when mattel bought it over things changed. Unfortunelty, I was too young to appreciate the stories before mattel took over!

  9. lol ik i’ve read all the dolls books not once but 3 or 4 times lol

  10. I live by the AG place los angeles, well about an hour or a little more away. I’ve been there twice, its really cool! When i go in there, my heart starts pumping sooo much and I get really overwhelmed, but I good overwhelming feeling! I went to the cafe once, I loooove it. I cut my food into doll sized bites and put them on my dolls plate! And I poured some of my lemonade into the doll’s cup!


  12. yep, i did it!!!! I posted the same thing twice :(

  13. I’ve never been to the cafe or theater i wish i had

  14. its ok sarah

  15. when you go to agpl you can go to the hair salon and get your dolls ears peirced now

  16. serious! thts so cool my dad makes furniture and he used to pierce our dolls ears

  17. im getting sonalis ears pierced then
    bye gtg

  18. hi anyone on?

  19. pricilla if your still on…..

    1.thanks for being so nice
    2.thanks for keeping a good spirit
    3. my 13 dolls were mostly christmas gifts, i got 3 for christmas this year and 2 lst year

  20. priscilla says:

    hi! im back on!

  21. priscilla says:

    is anyone on?

  22. Oh ya that’s weird it’s 3:12 here but it says a dif. time on my comment lol! 😉

  23. priscilla says:

    hi selena!

  24. priscilla says:

    do u lik gwen,chrissa or sonali better?

  25. Idk either Gwen, or Chrissa!! I g2g b a mommy’s helper ttyl! g2g

  26. i like chrissa and soloni

  27. r u both still on

  28. priscilla says:

    i lik gwen and sonali!
    happy new year!

  29. priscilla says:

    selena and ag fan,how many ag dolls do u hav?

  30. i hav 2 at the mo but am getting chrissa 4 my b-day. how many do u hav

  31. hi everybody! im going 2 walmart now,bye ttyl!

  32. i have 3,they r…tasha,elizabeth,and jess!

  33. sorry,i meant 2 say tina and felicity ,they r bitty twins,i just got them 2 days ago! in my last comment i accidentally listed my friend priscilla’s dolls,sorry i am not sur why i bdid that! happy 2009! bfor i said i was goin 2 the store, i am actually not going! bye!

  34. priscilla says:

    hi! i have these dolls, jess,tasha,and lizzi!

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