Picnic in the Park with Saige

Diana also went the American Girl store yesterday to see the new releases for herself. She picked up a few things and created a quick photo story for us to see the new items in action!


After a day of shopping Saige had called her friend Dabbie to have a picnic at the park. It was such a beautiful day.

Dabbie was waiting for her friend Saige to arrive while playing with her dog. Saige arrives with a picnic basket full of goodies.

Close up of Saige wearing her new outfit, but she decided to wear her new blue moccasins to the park. She is carrying her picnic basket with food to share with Dabbie. She brought chips and guacamole, burritos, grapes and bottle of water.

Dabbie and Saige enjoy their picnic together and those burritos were delicious!

So what are they wearing?

  • Dabbie is wearing her southwestern outfit made by Diana
  • Saige is wearing her new tunic outfit and a pair of new blue mocassins

Backdrop is the new Sunny in the Park background.

Review of Tunic outfit: It looks nice on Saige, it is the perfect color. The tunic does not fit as well as it should, and seems tight around the arms. The pants go on nicely but are also tight and making her sit was a challenge. I will probably exchange the outfit for a different one and see if it fits better.

Review of the picnic basket: Very well made with lots of detail, yes it is pricey but it is very durable and realistic. Although I would have like to see two bottles of water, one to share with a friend.

Review of the Backdrop: It is made of cardboard, it is light but steady. The Sunny Park looks blurry up close but that is to give it depth in the pictures. I would say the price it right!


Thanks Diana!

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  1. Julia says:

    Awesome! Definitly picking up the backdrops!

  2. Sara says:


  3. Emily! says:

    cool! <3 it!

  4. Temple says:

    Diana, how are the blue moccasins I’m thinking about buying them

  5. Olivia says:

    Awesome! I looked at the backdrops online yesterday and they are at a very reasonable price, I think.

  6. Victoria says:

    Hopefully getting those at one point because MyFroggyStuff’s tutorial involves cardboard and I’m out :( but that gives me an excuse to add backgrounds to my wishlist :). If only the had those for floors though, maybe grass or something.

  7. sabrina says:


  8. April says:

    Thanks Diana for such a thorough review. Lovely photos too.

  9. Sharry says:

    Nice snaps Diana. I do like the park backdrop, I’ll pick that one up for sure!

  10. piper says:

    I love the park backdrop .will definitely pick that one up for sure

  11. rachel b. says:

    Char-how do you send a photostory? please respond a.s.a.p. :-)

  12. Megan!!!!!! says:

    omg i love the 2nd picture! is beautiful!!!

  13. Char says:

    If you go to http://dolldiaries.com/get-featured it tells you how

  14. Tony says:

    Diana – cute story and nice photos! I still can’t decide about the park backdrop. I wish it looked more realistic. It looks too Teletubbies to me – and I love Teletubbies, LOL

  15. Mariah says:

    Cute! Saige’s outfit is adollable, but I can’t get it if it doesn’t fit the dolls nicely.

  16. Sara says:

    Ok so if I were to buy an american girl doll should I buy Saige or Emily????please give me your say

  17. Gioia says:

    Sara,I prefer Saige,but Emily hair are easier.
    I love Saige’s new outfit,but the blue mocasin are more apropriate than the pink shoes,I’m weathing to read more review about it to decide if buy it or not.

  18. Rachel B. says:

    Saige. definitly Saige.

  19. Bailey says:


  20. AGInParadise says:

    Sara- That is hard, because they will both be gone by the end of this year. I think you should get Emily because she will be gone sooner I believe, but that is a hard one. I do not have Emily but I do have Saige… Well I am not sure. But that is my opinion. 😀

  21. AGInParadise says:

    I love love LOVE Saige’s new outfit, it is just too cute. I think I might have to get the park backdrop + Picnic set as well because I just love the scene that you set up! :)

  22. N says:

    This is very cute! Thanks Diana!

  23. cordelia says:

    A sweet photostory, Diana! I wanted to order the park and winter backdrops, but, alas, AG will not ship those items to Canada. I have tried to find the My Froggy video, to which others have referred, that tells how to make backdrops, but have not been able to. If anyone can send me the link, I would be very grateful.

  24. Nina says:

    I want Saige’s Tunic and the backdrops. I totally recommend AG’s new apps corresponding to the backdrops, too!

  25. Craftygal13 says:

    They’re tamales!! Look at the AG website. Tamales not burritos

  26. Diana Gash says:

    Thank you all, for your nice comments. The blus maccasins are tryly beautiful. I did exchange the tunic and the second fits better. Just fyi, the girls ate the buritos, so you do not see them…;-) what was left in the box were the tamales!

  27. Riley says:

    Cute!! where did u get the bench, i have one that looks exactly like that!

  28. misspiggy=awesome says:

    I said I would say what I thought of Saige’s movie. I will hold to my promises.
    (btw, I saw a screening of the Saige movie at AGPC today :D)
    It’s pretty good. Saige is not portrayed as bratty or anything, but she’s not perfect, either. I really appreciated that. Dylan is appropriately annoying, but they changed a lot of things. The thing that annoyed me the most was that Sam wasn’t there! (He is Saige’s dog.) Also, some parts almost made me cry, and movies don’t usually do that. The only other one that made me cry was “The Fox and the Child.” (Unless you count “Princess and the Frog.” I cried because I was scared. I was younger, OK?) Anyway. Saige’s movie is pretty good. You should watch it when it is on TV!
    peace, love, llamas,
    P.S. I got Saige today!! *party*

  29. Sophie says:

    Cute !!! :)

  30. Kaitydoll says:

    This is a great story but I think they are tamales, not burritos. Thanks for sharing! :)

  31. Melody Q says:

    I had the fit issue with an AG outfit a couple of years ago – the School Days Outfit. AG and I tried a couple of times with that outfit and all fit poorly. In the end I exchanged it for the Photographer’s Outfit.
    Glad to hear the Picnic Basket gets an “A.”

  32. Riley.w says:


  33. sabrina says:

    I like Dabbie, at first when the doll was released, I disliked her but now I think she’s cute!