Diana also went the American Girl store yesterday to see the new releases for herself. She picked up a few things and created a quick photo story for us to see the new items in action!


After a day of shopping Saige had called her friend Dabbie to have a picnic at the park. It was such a beautiful day.

Dabbie was waiting for her friend Saige to arrive while playing with her dog. Saige arrives with a picnic basket full of goodies.

Close up of Saige wearing her new outfit, but she decided to wear her new blue moccasins to the park. She is carrying her picnic basket with food to share with Dabbie. She brought chips and guacamole, burritos, grapes and bottle of water.

Dabbie and Saige enjoy their picnic together and those burritos were delicious!

So what are they wearing?

  • Dabbie is wearing her southwestern outfit made by Diana
  • Saige is wearing her new tunic outfit and a pair of new blue mocassins

Backdrop is the new Sunny in the Park background.

Review of Tunic outfit: It looks nice on Saige, it is the perfect color. The tunic does not fit as well as it should, and seems tight around the arms. The pants go on nicely but are also tight and making her sit was a challenge. I will probably exchange the outfit for a different one and see if it fits better.

Review of the picnic basket: Very well made with lots of detail, yes it is pricey but it is very durable and realistic. Although I would have like to see two bottles of water, one to share with a friend.

Review of the Backdrop:Β It is made of cardboard, it is light but steady. The Sunny Park looks blurry up close but that is to give it depth in the pictures. I would say the price it right!


Thanks Diana!