Photostory – Where is my Ring?

I thought we should start off the weekend with another photo story by Natalie! She is really having fun with photography and creative writing these days and after all, you have been asking for more Natalie posts 😉

”Let’s go on a walk today. It is really nice outside!” exclaimed Felicity.

“Okay! Wow, you’re right, it IS nice today.” Saige replied.

 ”So are you going to enter next months reader photo contest?” Felicity asked as they walked.

“No, because I was in this month’s and I was kind of the star.” Saige said. “Elle might get mad at me if I am the star of next month’s contest, too. She is already talking about me stealing her spotlight – whatever that means? So I might want to stay out of her way,” Saige added.

As they were talking, Saige’s special ring flew off of her finger and she was so into the conversation and she didn’t even notice.

 ”Saige, I don’t mean to alarm you, but you seem to be missing your special blue ring,” Felicity said in a calm voice.

“Oh my gosh! You are right – it is gone! We HAVE to turn around and look for it!” Saige said with panic in her voice.

“Oh, there it is! I found it! I found it!” shouted Felicity.

“Oh my gosh! Felicity you saved my life! Thank you so much!” Saige said.

Felicity could see in Saige’s eyes that she was thankful.

“Thank you again! This ring means so much to me and I don’t know what I would do without it,’ ‘Saige said.

“You are welcome, Saige! You are going to have to be extra careful with that ring, I think.” Felicity said with a sweet voice.

“I know,” Saige said in a low voice. 

“Let’s head back and see what the girls are up to now,” said Felicity, and they walked back down the path to the doll room for an afternoon snack.

I hope you all have a great weekend and I will work on more stories for next week.




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  1. Ok I’m not mad at all I was just saying

  2. omg guys last night I had a dream that my precious Gidget got SILVER EYE AAAHHH! Was so thankful to wake up and realize it was all a dream! Her eyes are in tip top shape and a beautiful CHOCOLATE BROWN!


  3. That’s good. I love brown eyes!

  4. @Gail Holy crabcakes, that is scary! :O
    Reminds me of the dream I had once about my Kaya doll. I had a dream that I found her on my bed with her hair cut, naked, and her limbs all chewed up… o_O
    Thank llamas that as of now, all nine of my babies are safe…

  5. Venus- I got up and hugged her! lol!

  6. lol Gail I had a dream that I fell asleep in ballet class and could not wake up.

  7. great photostory! i could understand why Saige lost her ring,it is really little! i almost lost it!

  8. Cute photo-story!

  9. Very awesome and creative!

  10. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I once dreamt that I woke up in my friend’s living room!

  11. Alex17 (Natalie) says:

    Hey girlies I used Picmonkey to make my story. I love seeing the comments! I am glad you like my stories!