Earlier this week we got a VERY SPECIAL delivery! One of our most amazing and generous readers sent us a gift! This reader sent us Cécile and her pajamas. I can not even begin to express how touched we are by this gesture! We really value every member of the Doll Diaries community and want to share the creativity, imagination and joy of doll play in all its various stages from play to photography, sewing, crafting, learning about history and more!

While I was freeeeeezing my patootie off at the football game last night, Natalie was hard at work welcoming our newest member of the Doll Diaries family. Meet Cécile.

“Can someone please help me? I have been sitting here all night!” Cécile cried out. “Why is it dark? Oh yeah I’m in a box…”

Tap, tap, tap! Cécile heard footsteps. 

“Caroline, can you please keep it-” Kirsten stopped in the middle of her sentence, “Who are you?” Kirsten heard a bunch of murmurs.

“Oh you poor thing!” Kirsten said as she pulled the front of the box off.

“Thank you so much!” Cécile replied.

“Here we go. Let’s get you out!” Kirsten said panicked.

“You are so sweet! Ah this feels great, I spent two weeks in that cardboard box…” Cécile said then stretched her arms and legs out.

“Where did you come from?” Kirsten asked.

“New Orleans,” Cécile smiled, “Let’s just say it was a long flight.”

“Oh my, I forgot to take your hair net off!”  Kirsten said.

“Let’s just pull that off…” She reached towards Cécile’s hair net and began to tug.

“Ouch,” Cécile would say every now and then.

“Oh sorry!” Kirsten replied.

“Wow, you are just gorgeous!” Kirsten gushed.

“Why thank you!” Cécile replied.

“Cécile, I am so jealous of those curls!” Kirsten said.

“Thanks Kirsten!” Cécile exclaimed.

“Cécile, it is getting kind of cold out here. Want to head inside and see you bedroom?” Kirsten asked.

“Oh yes, please!” Cécile dashed towards the steps. “Let’s go Kirsten.”

“I can not believe this is my room!” Cécile was fascinated by all the decorations in her room. “My bed is just so soft.”

“I am very glad you like it! It is getting late though. You should really go get into your pajamas!”  Kirsten motioned to a door on the other side of the room.

Cécile walked out of the bathroom. “My very own powder room! I can not believe this,” She was in awe. “Hmmmm, I wonder where Kirsten went.”

Suddenly the door opened and Kirsten did a quick twirl into the room. “Wow, I love this dress! What do you think Cécile?”

“It really brings out the blue in your eyes,” Cécile smiled and motioned for Kirsten to sit down beside her on the bed.

Kirsten sat and began, “I really hope you enjoy it here Cécile.”

“Trust me Kirsten, I know I will!”

“Great, now let me explain some things. Most of us like to stay far away from the head doll of the room, Elle. She sits high up on the Ellowyne Wilde shelf monitoring the doll room…”

Kirsten and Cécile chatted away all night. I am pretty sure that Cecile will be fine here!

 Thank you again for all that you do!!  Cécile will be a great addition and good friend to Kirsten. And I am looking forward to reading Meet Cécile this weekend.

PS. The backdrop is from Carpatina.com and Cécile’s bed is from The Queen’s Treasures.