In December Rachel won the $75 Gift Card giveaway from My Doll’s Life. She was kind enough to share photos of what she got with us!


With my gift card I was able to get the spa/sweet shop play scene, the sweet treats set, and a pair of snowflake leggings. They also sent me a bonus yogurt parfait, napkin, and spoon. Here is a photo story I did with them.

Nellie and Kathryn were waiting at the Sweet Shoppe for their friends. Nellie had a fun day planned, but Kathryn was feeling a little nervous about meeting new people. “When do you think they’ll get here?” she said. “I don’t know,” said Nellie, “But I hope soon. These sweets look delicious.”

“Hi!” said Maria Sofia. “Sorry we were late.” “Yeah,” added Evangeline. “I couldn’t find my purse anywhere.” Nellie smiled at them. “That’s alright, you’re here now. Lets eat.”

?”Yum,” said Maria Sofia. “This is sooo good.” She took another bit of her treat. “I really like my parfait,” said Kathryn shyly. Evangeline smiled at her. “Guess what we’re doing next,” said Nellie, sipping her milkshake. “A spa trip!”

?At the spa Kathryn got her hair curled while Evangeline had hers straightened. The other two girls got manicures. “I love your leggings,” said Maria Sofia to Nellie as their nails dried. “Thanks, they’re my new pair,” said Nellie. Meanwhile, Kathryn and Evangeline started a conversation. Kathryn found they had a lot in common.

?”See,” said Nellie to Kathryn. “Today wasn’t so bad.” Kathryn grinned happily. “You were right. This was fun, and I made a new friend.”