Photostory by Wyn: A Hot-air Balloon Adventure

One of our readers, Wyn, sent in a super cute photostory for us all to enjoy.

Isabella (MyAG),McKenna (GOTY) and Felicity (Springfield Olivia) are going in a hot-air balloon.

“Hurry up!” said McKenna. “We’re coming!” Isabella shouted back. “This is the coolest thing EVER! I can’t wait to look down at the snow from a hot-air balloon!” Felicity exclaimed.

“WOW!!! This is awesome! I just hope I don’t fall out!!!” said Felicity. “I’ve never been so high!” said McKenna. “Can you give me the map? I want to see where we are.” Β Felicity asked Isabella, who was holding their bag.


“Wow! I see an eagle! Look McKenna!! I should take a picture.” Isabella shouted excited.

“I see our dollhouse on the map!” said Felicity “And our cousins’, Kanani, Emily and Baby Dear.” Meanwhile, Isabella tried to take a perfect picture of the eagle.

Isabella, McKenna and Felicity looked down at the beautiful snow from the hot-air balloon.

Thank you Wyn for sending in your photostory!

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  1. AGMcKenna94 says:


  2. No, when I took that photo there was snow on the ground. I took the picture from a window upstairs. :)

  3. Cute!

  4. very cute!

  5. Cute, Wyn! I think I remember you saying something about Megan being a gymnast, Char, *I think* so I just wanted to share that I’m ALMOST successful on completing my back walkover! πŸ˜€

  6. Cute!

  7. Too cute! Looks like they are having a lot of fun! : )

  8. So cute

  9. 11thie! So cute!

  10. Love it

  11. 13thie!

  12. cute

  13. That was so cute! My Lanie doll loved this story! ^_^
    She drew a picture of a hot air balloon after reading the story and pointed at it while jumping around, which means she wants to go on one someday.
    And it also made her less nervous about what’s happening on Monday
    (she’s going to the Doll Hospital). :O

  14. Venus, what happened poor Lanie? It is her hair?

  15. @Fiona Her hair, limbs, and face are all messed up. I fact, two days ago I was getting her hair done and I discovered that her wig cap was falling apart! :O
    She used to belong to my cousin until she gave her to me, so I had planned to take her to the hospital long before I found out about her loose wig cap… Now I’m wondering what on Earth her previous owner did to her… o_O

  16. Originally, I had planned to fix her myself, but after finding a lot of flaws that I was not going to be able to fix, I decided to throw my hands in the air and say, “Fuggedaboutit, I’m leaving this up to the experts!” *hands Lanie to a pediatrician*

    Pediatrician: Uh, ma’am, we only provide services to real children…-_-
    Me: Oh… *grabs Lanie and sends her to a veterinarian*
    Veterinarian: Uh, ma’am, we only provide services to animals… -_-

    Lanie (in sign language): Mom, learn your doctors! We have to see a pediOtrician, not a pediAtrician… And vets are for puppies like Coconut!

    Doll Doctor=Pediotrician

    Lanie (in sign language): Well, I am a scientist after all. πŸ˜‰

  17. DollsOnTheRun says:


  18. Venus~ Thats good you are doing it now, because you migh get to atached to her and never want her head to be replaced! Also we are talking about the planets in Science and, well, your days are longer than your years! Is that just how it goes in Venusland? ;D ;D

    I am going to the AG store in early May for my b-day!

  19. Cute! I have Springfield Olivia too! I renamed her Addison!

  20. hey char have you seen the new la dee da dolls?? they’re called juicy crush and thy are soo cute!!!

  21. btw I have salone as tropical twist re-named Pina!!

  22. I have to get one of those dolls! My Tylie is begging for a sis her size!

  23. yes Julia you definitely need one of them they’re soooo cute!!!!

  24. Saigeluver:) says:

    this was cute…

  25. 25thie! That’s very cute!

  26. Char,Are you still going to do a group photo of your dolls?

  27. @Amanda:D You are absolutely right! That is why Venusians age a lot slower, since our days are slower than our years. In fact, none of us can truly tell how old we are, so we just make a range considering how long we remember we have lived.
    In my case, I consider myself to be over 9,000 years old, because I remember living through things from way back. However, because I have the appearance of an Earthling between the ages of 16-20, I tell my Earthling friends that I am almost 20. ^_^

  28. I’m going to American Girl today for my birthday! Well my real birthday is on Thursday but I’m getting Saige and her stuff and the people are going to wrap it all up so I can open it on
    my birthday! Lol! Oh and @Venus, the people at the Doll Hospital are great. You will not regret sending Lanie. They will make her as good as new! :)

  29. I forgot to specify one more thing. We age based on days, not by years, even though our days go slower than three dead turtles.
    We’re just weird like that. ;D

  30. @Venus my lanie is going in soon too! Just not really soon, as I really want to buy 44 and ummm…. I don’t have enough to spend it on both. πŸ˜› I’m probably sending Lanie in first, and then getting 44. :)

    This story was sooo cute!!

  31. Wow. o_O How old is your cousin/ how old was your cousin when she got Lanie?

  32. @Fiona Officer Venus cannot specify her exact age, but she was within the age range of 6-8 when she got Lanie. ^_^

  33. Oh by the way, are we gonna be shunned on Shunday Sowcase today? πŸ˜€

  34. Moderator knights, ahem? xD

  35. Yes, but it may be another week or so – I am waiting for something to arrive πŸ˜‰

  36. Megan – yes, my Megan was a gymnast and I coached gymnastics for 26 years. So keep working hard on that back walkover! You will get it!

  37. @Delaney Ooh, me gusta #44. In fact, I’m struggling over whether I should get her or #38. XD

  38. Hehe Venus!

  39. @Venus, I like #38 better. It’s something about her eyes. I don’t like bangs on dolls most of the time, but #38 rocks.

  40. @ venus i’ve been considering sending my JLY #27 in. i doubt i ever will though, she was my first and im really attached to her.

  41. @Venus I love both! They are really unique. I would like to eventually have both in my doll collection! ^_^

  42. @Fiona A lot of people on the AG Fan forum have been telling me that, too…
    I really like both, but I can only choose one. I will most likley go for #38, though. πŸ˜‰

    How old is she now? ^_^

  43. Whoa! You coached for a long time, Char! :) Thanks, I’m sure I’ll get it soon! :) The only thing that’s going wrong with it is when I kick my legs over, I land on my stomach, not my feet, but I’ll get it soon!

  44. Sorry for the double comment, but Venus, I love #38! I don’t have her, but she looks really beautiful! I know basilmentos (YouTube) has #38, and she looks so beautiful on camera! I would get her over #44! :)

  45. Poor Venus, she has no moons. (add-on to other conversation) xD
    xD xD
    xD xD xD
    I got my friend an Our Genaration foal for her Birthday! Thank you Dad! It looks just like my Our Genaration horse, Taco! Hey, I was hungry. xD
    My doll Katie, I made her wear the Soft-as-Snow outfit, and I was like, “How cute are you?” and she was like “I’M NOT CUTE!”
    So now Elizabeth is suddenly the golden child, when Felicity spent a lot of $$$ on Taco. xD

  46. I’m SOOOO nervous!!! We have long composision in school today!!