By JGKelsey

Going to Alaska has always been a dream of Annie’s.  The 49th state has amazing scenery, wonderful trails, and lots of great wildlife.  Annie visits Juneau, the capital of Alaska.  Juneau is an interesting capitol city, since it has no roads connecting it to the rest of Alaska.  To get to Juneau you have to fly or take a boat. 

Annie flies into Juneau and starts on her adventure immediately.  Hiking can be difficult and dangerous in Alaska.  Many of the trails are steep and narrow, climbing over tree roots, rocks and through snow.  And there is always the very real possibility that you may come across a bear.  So Annie chooses an easier trail, Perseverance trail, to start out her Alaska adventure.

As she walks up the groomed path she finds a place to sit and take in the view of Mount Juneau.  A little further on she comes upon Ebner Falls, cascading down over 100 feet of rock. 


She takes a detour through the lush green rain forest (that’s right Juneau’s forests are considered rainforests, because of all the rain and water they get) on a smaller trail to get to the top of Ebner Falls. 


She isn’t brave enough to go to the edge of the rock cliff, but she does sit at the edge of one of the streams flowing into the falls.   She heads back to the main trail, following it over the stream as it winds up the mountain. 


It begins to snow as she walks, which she isn’t quite dressed for, so she turns around as the snow gets too heavy to hike in.  Once she is down the trail, she stops at the ocean to take a few photos, and then heads home for the day.


The next day Annie is off for another adventure, this time she is climbing Mount Roberts…well part of Mount Roberts.  Because it’s still wintertime, hiking to the peak, at 3,819 feet, is dangerous and much harder because of the snow. 


Annie hike’s up to the tram stop, at 1,760 feet up, since the tram doesn’t run in winter.  The trail is full of roots and is a hard climb, but she has beautiful views of Mount Juneau and downtown Juneau as she climbs up. 


When she gets to the tram stop there is a lot of snow, and snow is falling as she hikes…but today she is prepared.  She takes out her winter coat and hat, and puts on snowshoes to help her through the feet of snow. 


The falling snow masks the view from the bluffs, but it is still beautiful.  In the valley, where she just hiked from, lies downtown Juneau and the passageway out to the ocean.  She can barely see Mount Juneau with the snow falling.


Later as she heads down the mountain she comes upon a Tlingit Indian carving in one of the trees.  Annie is amazed at the carving and how the tree is still growing.  Very cool!


After so much hiking Annie’s last day is spent at sea level, exploring the beaches and the city of Juneau.  Most of the beaches in Juneau are rock beaches, not sand.  Annie explores one of these rock beaches, finding shells, seaweed, and even some tide pools. 


She checked the tide schedule to make sure that she doesn’t get stuck out here as the tide comes in.  The tide in Juneau can rise as much as 18 feet!  After surveying the area with her binoculars, she heads towards town.  Most of the shops are closed, since it is not tourist season, so she goes down on the docks, where she finds a man through fish out into the ocean.  The bald eagles gather to get a free meal. 


There must be 20 to 30 bald eagles, swooping in with talons out, to grab the floating fish off the water.  As she watches a sea lion swims out from under the dock, grabs a fish from beneath the surface and swims back under the docks.  She is sooo excited!  Her last stop on her trip is to see one of the wonders of Juneau, Mendenhall Glacier.  Mendenhall is one of the easiest glaciers to get to in Juneau. 


The bright blue ice contrasts with the white snow on top of the glacier, sparkling in the sun.  Annie is amazed at how big the glacier is.  She read that the glacier is over 13 miles long from its’ beginning in the ice fields, to it’s end here at Mendenhall lake.  To think that this glacier has been around for thousands of years is just amazing to Annie.


Annie is so happy that she was able to go to Juneau, Alaska and see all the amazing sites.  She hopes you had fun reading about her adventure!