This is a fun guest post from JGKelsey featuring Disney Animators’ Collection Mini Doll Play Sets.


Anna’s Frozen Adventure

“Elsa! Elsa?” Anna called throughout the castle, but there was no response from her older sister. “Where could she be?” Anna wondered. “I bet she’s outside somewhere…playing in the snow.”

“Well I want to have fun in the snow too,” Anna exclaims! She runs to the stables to find Sven. He is lying comfortably in a pile of hay. “Let’s go find Elsa, Sven.” Sven shakes his big head from side to side….then shivers with his whole body.

“Oh come on Sven. It’s not that cold…plus there is a bunch of carrots for you if you take me,” Anna teases. Sven jumps to his feet and grabs the ropes for the sleigh. Anna hooks him up, and away they go.

“Let’s go see the trolls. Maybe they have seen Elsa,” Anna says to Sven. Sven nods in agreement and charges towards the trolls hide. As Anna and Sven approach the ice cave that hides the entrance to the trolls’ home, Anna sees two of them on top of the ridge. She guides Sven to the ridge and jumps off of the sled.

Disney Animator's Frozen Dolls

“Have you seen Elsa? “ Anna asked. “I think that she is out frolicking in the snow without me.” She smiles.

“We saw her come past here earlier,” grandfather troll explained. “Yes,” mother troll interrupted. “She was heading towards the hills. I think that magical little snowman was with her.”

“Thanks!” Anna, waved good-bye, pet Sven on the head, and let him know where to go. “Let’s head up the hill. I think Olaf is up there. Maybe he can help us find Elsa.”

“Oh…I love sliding down this hill. But I know something that’s better still. Like sitting on the beach in sand…in the wonderful summer time!!” Olaf sings as he slides down a hill of ice.

Disney Animator's Frozen Dolls

“Olaf. You silly snowman you. Someday I hope you get to see the beach and enjoy the warm sand,” Anna giggled. “But today I need your help in finding Elsa. I think she may have come past here.”

“Oh gosh! She sure did come past here,” Olaf said. “Can I go with you to see Elsa?”

“Of course. Let’s go!” Excitedly Anna runs to the sled, hops on with Olaf, and away they run to see Elsa. Through the snowdrifts they go, over hills, and past trees. As they come over a hill, Anna sees a beautiful spire of ice protruding in to the air. Anna is sure that is where Elsa is. Elsa loves making ice sculptures now that she can control her power better.

Disney Animator's Frozen Dolls

“Elsa!” Anna yells, full of happiness. “I have been looking everywhere for you!”

“Anna. It’s so good to see you,” Elsa says. “I just needed to get away. And I love the snow and ice”.

“Well then, let’s go do something fun together,” Anna replies. “Do you want to….go sledding?” Anna smiles.

With a big grin Elsa replies “Definitely!” Sven let’s out a protesting groan.

Disney Animator's Frozen Dolls

“But first I have to fulfill a promise to a friend.” Anna grabs a bunch of carrots and gives it to Sven. Then off to the hill Elsa and Anna go. As they slide down the hill they both squeal with delight. “Best day ever!”

Disney Animator's Frozen Dolls

Anna and Elsa are Disney Animators’ Collection Mini Doll Play Sets. They are little 5” dolls, perfect size to be dolls for your American Girls. Anna and Elsa have heads that turn, shoulders that rotate and move up and down (out to the side). Their legs move at their hips so the dolls can sit. The knees also bend, making the little dolls very poseable. Each doll comes with their own accessories. Elsa comes with a hat, comb, a doll, Olaf, an ice slide, and a summer drink for Olaf. Elsa comes with a comb, a doll, a girl and boy rock troll, a bunch of carrots, Sven, and a sled. These are great sets, especially for the $19.99 that they retail for!