This is a guest photo story from Linda.


It was a beautiful day on the prairie when Mary said ” Laura, get ready to go get potatoes for diner. It’s a surprise for Ma and Pa.” After Mary fixed baby Carrie’s bottle they were off.

Mary was counting the potatoes when she asked Laura what she was going to put into the surprise. (Looks like Jack wants  some of baby Carrie’s bottle)

Right then Laura got an idea.Ma had a vase with no flowers. She decided she she was going to pick flowers for Ma.

“Laura! It’s getting late! Time to go!” Mary yelled.

Laura had just finished getting some flowers when Mary had started to walk back.” Wait for me!” Laura said.

Mary had just set the table when Laura walked in.” Laura were is your part of the surprise?” Mary asked.Laura gently put down the vase and said ” Ma’s vase with some flowers from today’s adventure”, Laura was very proud of her contribution.

Todays stars are : Fawn (Our Generation Eva) as Laura,  Jamber Lee (My AG #39) as Mary, little Docia as baby Carrie, and as Jack , their faithful dog Greg.