Madelon spent the day at American Girl Place in New York yesterday and was nice enough to take photos of the new store exclusives and some of the other new items for the winter release. Enjoy.

The main outdoor window of the American Girl Place in NYC still decorated for the holidays.

This window display area is obviously waiting for Saige, the American Girl of the Year for 2013.


The new store exclusive swim suit for dolls is adorable. I love the print.

The polka dot bag and shoes are new store exclusives, too.

New store exclusives shirts that have a side tie.

The store exclusive PJs are $18, but more importantly, Coconut’s Statue of Liberty set is still available. I consider that a must have souvenir item – we got ours in 2006.

The new checkers and nachos set on the new game table with the fold flat sofa.

Another look at the new chair.

American Girl Softball Set

Softball is definitely a growing sport and I am sure this new softball outfit for the dolls will be a big hit.

The new roller skating outfit.

New I Love Pets PJs.

Kaya and the new storage trunk. This is something I am definitely interested in seeing up close!

Another look at the storage trunk. I am really interested in seeing how much each of them are as they look like a great way to keep your doll’s collection together. I think it will also make it easier to pack dolls away for a later date safely this way.

All the American Girl dolls of the Year (GOTY)

The retired Girls of the Year display – McKenna is not there yet! From left to right we have Lindsey, Kailey, Marisol, Jess, Nicki, Mia, Chrissa, Lanie and Kanani.

Cute how they turned the Head to Toe area into a Gingerbread House.

NYC inspired cookies at the Bakery.

Display with store exclusives and souvenirs from the cafe area.

The historical displays are some of my favorite! What a beautiful snapshot of a time gone by.

Another display – this one shows what the inside of Julie’s Mom’s Gladrags shop might have been like.  The detail historical vignettes are like visiting a museum in a way.

The winter display in the store. That snow looks like fun!

Thanks so much to Madelon for sharing these photos! I am so excited about some of the new exclusives – can’t wait to go to the American Girl store close to us soon.