This is a photo story by one of our readers, Alyssa.

It was a warm and sunny day. But it was not just any day. Today was the day of the poetry contest in honor of “Poem in your Pocket” day and April being National Poetry month! Every one was walking around talking and looking for their seats. The room got quiet and people began to take their seats.

“Thank you for coming every one! As you know I’m  your host Marie-Grace. So with out further ado I give you our two finalists, McKenna Brooks and Saige Copeland. Over to you girls.”

McKenna stepped up to the front of the stage and read her poem. It was titled Gymnastics.


Leap, turn, you’re flying through the air.

Feeling the air gently blow on your hair.

By McKenna”

When she was done, the audience took the paper that was on their chair and voted on a scale of 1 to 10 for her poem.

Next, Saige went to the front of the stage and read her poem. It was called “Painting.”


Anything you want.

Your emotions pouring out.

Painting is so fun.

By Saige.”

Then the audience voted again. This time it was for Saige’s poem.

Marie-grace collected the votes and tallied them up. And then winner was, McKenna! “Congratulations McKenna!” everyone said.

And McKenna your prize is, a $20 gift card to Peachwave!

“Yay! That should at least get me four Peachwaves!” McKenna happily said.


Cute story Alyssa! Which poem did you like best?