“Okay girls, line up smallest to tallest!” Ruthie directed.

“Well I am in the back,” Chrissa said rolling her eyes.

“Yes, I have an advantage!” yelled Hadley.

“On your mark, get set, GO!” Ruthie screamed.

“I found two eggs!” yelled Hadley.

“Oh yeah? I found three!” Chrissa replied.

“I see more! In that little doll house!” Chrissa yelled.

“NO!” Hadley screamed.

“Someone grab the popcorn because this is getting in-ter-est-ing!” Ruthie said laughing at her own joke.

“So now you must find two more eggs. They are both hard to find. Just keep your head up and don’t get discouraged.” Ruthie said.

“Okay,” Hadley and Chrissa said. Now they were determined to find that egg.

“If you were a special egg, where would you be?” Chrissa asked Hadley.

“In a frying pan.” Hadley said satisfied with her answer.”

Haha very funny.” Chrissa said throwing her head back for effect.

Suddenly Chrissa started to fling her hands around, her jaw dropped, and she was all bouncy. “I see it! I see the special egg! It is right there on the wall!” Chrissa exclaimed.

Pretty soon Chrissa was flying! “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Chrissa screamed.

“Ruthie, DUCK!” Hadley screamed.

“Oh Hadley sweetie, did you lose your duck?” Ruthie asked.

“No Ruthie, Chrissa is heading right at you! DUCK!” Hadley yelled.

“Oh my!” Ruthie screamed as she jumped out of the way and ducked. KERPLUNK!!!

“I got the special egg! $20 baby oh yeah!” Chrissa said uneasily.

“Chrissa you look a little dizzy. How many fingers am I holding up?” Ruthie asked. She held three fingers up.

“Which Ruthie?” said Chrissa.

“Oh no!” Hadley said.

“Kidding.”Chrissa said normally.

“Okay so now that your okay can I tell you something?” Ruthie asked Chrissa.

“Yeah sure what is it?” Chrissa replied.

“Well…That is not the special egg. The special egg was red.” Ruthie said quietly. Ruthie began to back away.

“WHAT?!?!?! So where is the special egg???”Chrissa yelled.

What do you think happened to the special egg?