Are you ready for another photo story treat? This is from Diana and therefore, you know it will be good! Enjoy!

It was such a beautiful day!  Saige decided to go horseback riding with Picasso.  Saige sees Dabbie resting on the park bench.  Hi Dabbie! says Saige. Dabbie waves and replies “Hi Saige!”   (poor little bunny, can he hide from the dog?)

Laura sells lemonade and jelly beans.  Helen loves the green lemonade, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!  Helen asks for a refill.

Here comes Nikola, riding her bike.  Oh, look she has  Nibbles, her bunny.  Be careful Nikola, don’t break too fast or Nibbles may fall off.

What a picture perfect day!  All the girls are enjoying  their favorite activity.

Nikola and Helen found two baby birds. They gently try to set them on the birdbath, so the can learn to fly.

Saige shows Dabbie and Helen her new kite.  Look girls says Saige, my kite is actually taking off!  Picasso follows close behind.

Everyone at the park, loves Saige’s kite.  They all agree that March is a great month for kite flying.

Laura and Dabbie take Doodles for a walk. Laura stops and points. Laura is so excited, she says, “Look Dabbie a rainbow!”  Dabbie sees it and says to Laura, “let’s follow it.”

Quietly, Dabbie and Laura approach the end of the rainbow. Oh my!  It is true!  At the end of the rainbow you will find a lucky leprechaun with a pot of GOLD!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!