This is a photo story submitted by Lauren M.


It was the first night of Hanukkah and Lindsey was ready for the wonderful eight days ahead, filled with food, family, and tradition. Lindsay walked up the walk way to her aunt’s house and knocked on the door. “Aunt Hannah, I’m here.” Lindsey exclaimed.

In the meantime, a young girl named Rebecca walked up a couple flights of stairs to her Bubbie’s apartment, in 1914 New York City.

“What? Huh? This is not Bubbie’s apartment! Where am I? And more importantly how did get here?” Rebecca spoke with fright and fear in her voice.

“Who are you?” asked Rebecca “More importantly who are you?” demanded Lindsey. “Well, my name is Rebecca Rubin. I was walking up to my Bubbie’s apartment to tell her the feast was ready for Hanukkah, and all of a sudden I was in this huge kitchen which you know a tenement does not have.” “Alright. My name is Lindsey Bergman and this is my aunt Hannah’s kitchen… wait did you say tenement?” “Yes I did” Rebecca said in a hesitant voice. “Well that can’t be right; tenements haven’t existed for a long time!” said Lindsey. “They exist where I come from, New York City 1914.” stated Rebecca. Then Lindsey screamed “1914!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Well since you’re here, we might as well have a little fun. What do you and your family to for fun on Hanukkah? “asked Lindsey “We play a game that fits right into this little bag. Would you like to see what it is?”

“IT’S THE DRIEDEL GAME!” Both girls said excitedly at the same time. “Oh, so you play this too, even now? asked Rebecca. Lindsey replied “You Bet!”

Rebecca and Lindsey sat in the spare room playing with the dreidel and coins for hours. “What do you do for fun during Hanukkah with your family” questioned Rebecca.

“My cousins and I like to play with our dolls while the grown-ups do the cooking. Here you can borrow my cousin Sarah’s doll…I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. We also sing songs, tell stories and laugh A LOT!”said Lindsey excidetly thinking about what the nights to come would bring. “Now, though we should go to the kitchen and see if we can help..c’mon Rebecca!”

“Here is what we have so far. Doesn’t it all look so delicious?” “Yes Lindsey it does, said Rebecca. But I think we are missing something VERY important.” “What’s that?” Lindsey asked. “The bread” replied Rebecca “The bread!” “Oh no, the hallah bread, how could I have forgotten that?” cried Lindsey as a tear started to run down her face. “Don’t fear” said Rebecca. My Bubbie’s recipe will come in handy here!”

Rebecca found a bowl and got right to work!

“Oh Rebecca! The hallah looks wonderful! You saved the First Night of Hanukkah! Thank you SO much!” exclaimed Lindsey. “Your welcome Lindsey!” kindly said Rebecca. And now we have a wonderful feast to enjoy on this first Festival of Lights night.”

Now it was time to light the menorah and say prayers in Hebrew. With the festive hallah bread on the table, each girl lit a candle to mark the beginning of this Hanukkah holiday.

“Well thank you Lindsey, for hosting me this Hanukkah night, but now I must get back to cold and snowing New York City. If I don’t hurry up, Bubbie will give me a strict talking to all in Yiddish! Rebecca turned to walk away, but Lindsey caught her and said “Dear friend, thank you so much for showing me some traditions of Hanukkah’s past, and to truly thank you I found a little something you might like.” Rebecca turned and took the blue box on the table, as she opened it, all that could be heard was “GASP!”

It was a beautiful blue jewel bracelet with a tiny blue ribbon and even a Star of David on it. “Oh Lindsey, this is the most wonderful thing you could have found. I love it! Thank you so much!

“You’re so welcome Rebecca” said Lindsey. “Happy Hanukkah to you.” And a Happy Hannukah to you too!” replied Rebecca. The two girls hugged knowing in their hearts that they would remember this moment for many Hanukkah’s to come. That feeling of past and present, family and friends, and tradition would always be first in their heart during The Festival of Lights.


Thank you Lauren for sharing such a sweet story with us!!

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