Emily took a job at the new Beauty Salon, she has finished her training as a beautician.  Ali had been wanting some curls on her beautiful long hair and Emily finally convinced her to try a new look.  So off Ali went to the Grand Opening of the new Beauty Salon.  When she arrived Emily worked hard getting the new Curly Q rollers on, these will not damage Ali’s beautiful hair.  Just a little spray of water and then into the curlers the hair went.

Emily is using the blow dryer to make sure the hair gets evenly dried. 

More blow drying and take a look at how Emily used smaller type rollers for the front.

Here is a close up of Ali with the rollers on.

Emily is arranging the rollers so they dry with the hair down.  The hair will take the shape exactly as Emily  arranges the rollers.

A little chit chat among friends while waiting for the hair to finally dry.

Are you ready for me to take the rollers out? asked Emily.

Emily works very slowly and carefully taking out the rollers to make sure Ali’s hair does not get damaged.

The rollers are out and now it is time to style the hair.

Emily styles the front.

Now it is time for Ali to take a look!

Side and back views of the new hair style.

Ali’s new look!  She loves it, although it may not be for everyone, it is for Ali.

A few last tips on how to keep the hair styled nice and curly.

A full view of the new Beauty Salon play scene from My Doll’s Life.

Fun Facts:
1. The back drop is the new Play Scene from My Doll’s Life  – what a wonderful play scene.   It folds up nicely when not in play and it is easily stored.  It is very sturdy and the artwork is magnificent.  Highly recommend. You can use the Doll Diaries discount of 20%, the Play Scene cost is $39.95
2. The salon cape being worn by Ali, was something I made.  The chair and cart are from the Our Generation collection.
3. Emily is a Happy Kidz Gotz doll.
4. The rollers I used were purchased at a Beauty Salon Supply store, they can be used on humans.  I selected two sizes for the longer hair dolls, but the short rollers would work  just as well for Ali’s long hair. There is another smaller curl style roller which I will try in the future for yet another different look.
5. No heat was ever applied to the hair.  The rollers were simply left on the doll overnight.

Curly hair is not for everyone, but it does give the dolls a different look.  What is nice about Ali’s hair, is that you simply just spray water and the curly hair becomes straight again.

Enjoy creating your new styles!