It is my New Year tradition to take the AG GOTY on an adventure as soon as she arrives, so what was Grace’s adventure?

Grace sleeps soundly, since she had a long trip to her new home.  She was welcomed to a new bedroom which she truly enjoyed.  Her AG  bed is nice and soft and fits her size perfectly.  I like it because the head board does not need to fold down for Grace to fit in the bed.  This is the bed provided at the sponsored Hotels that partner with AG.

“Wake up Grace” said the nice lady, “I have a special surprise for you. ”  “I love it” said Grace as she admired her new gift, from the nice lady.   “How did you know I wanted to visit Paris someday?” asked Grace.   The nice lady just smiled, she seemed to know more then she was willing to tell Grace.   Grace looked around and saw her beautiful apron on the chair, would she wear it today?  

Bonbon, Grace’s new dog, wanted to see what Grace got from the nice lady.  “bark, bark” said Bonbon.  Grace said to Bonbon, “hi girl, do you want to play?  Look at my new present, it is the Eiffel Tower!”  It was not long before the nice lady came back, “Grace hurry and get dressed, remember you promised to work this morning until noon and then we are off to an adventure”.   Grace loved her new home, she hurried to see want she was going to wear.

Grace took Bonbon with her to the park where her Pastry Cart was located, she loves to bake french pastries and sell them on her cart.   Her business just started but word was getting around and her sales were up in just a few days.    Grace is wearing pieces of two of  her outfits, plus a new skirt that the nice lady gave her.   Ring a ling, sounded the bell as Grace makes sure people in the park know she is open for business.  

Time went by so quickly and the nice lady took Grace on her adventure, first stop, the Bistro at the AG store.   “Wow” said Grace, “this is an awesome place.   Can we play this game?”   “Yes” said the nice lady, “just ask me the question and then I will ask you one.”    Grace was a pro and was able to answer all the questions.  The nice lady missed two, “oh well you just need to try harder next time” said Grace to the nice lady.

The waiter brought Grace a cup of pink lemonade, her favorite drink.   “Um, Um this is really good,” said Grace.  “What did you order?” asked Grace.   “I ordered a turkey burger,” said the nice lady and you can share with me.   “I am starving” said Grace, “is it ready yet?”

Grace decides to call for the waiter, “excuse me Sir,” said Grace as the waiter turns to approach our table.   “Yes, miss” said the waiter, “what can I get for you?”   Grace had to think real hard, but she knew what she wanted.   “Can I please get a cookie cutter that is shaped like the Eiffel Tower?” she asked the waiter.   She went on to tell him about her new business and how she loved to bake.   The waiter did not hesitate, he said he would be right back.

Soon the waiter returned and gave Grace a beautiful box that looked like a small french bakery.  Grace was so excited! She opened the box and found her wish had come true, it is just what I wanted she said, Thank you!   Grace loved the mini dictionary that would help her learn French, after all her new school was offering a class in French and she signed up for it.   Grace’s happy smile made the nice lady very happy.

Once the lunch was over, Grace got to visit the AG store, only to find a great big display.  Grace asked, “Who is this girl?”

The nice lady replied, “she is suppose to be you in the story book.”  “Oh no!” said Grace,” that is not me, she does not look like me at all!”   The nice lady just laughed, she did not want to tell Grace about her future trip.

As we walked away, Grace said, “stop please, take a picture with my name on the wall!”  “Yes Grace,” this will go in your scrapbook. As Grace and the nice lady walked around the AG store, Grace got a few new items. 

The next day, Grace could not wait to wear one of  her new outfits, even though it did come from the Bitty Baby area in the AG Store, but it fits perfectly.   The hair accessories are also part of an AG hair package set that had raspberry and sky blue hair accessories.  They are Grace’s favorite colors.  Grace juggles between school, baking, homework and working her pastry cart, so she has learned to manage her time wisely. 

Grace will have more adventures, she seems to be very active.  Did you have a New Year adventure with your friend?