I love Diana’s photo stories and am happy to be able to share this one with you today.

Lizzie and Becky are getting ready to call their friends. Becky got tickets to the Spring and Summer Fashion Show on Saturday.

On Saturday the girls meet at the Fashion show and Becky gives them their tickets.  Each attendee gets a complimentary AG Magazine to take home. The girls are thrilled.

Behind the scenes, the models are getting ready, everything seems to be going on schedule.  Looks like Saige is putting on make-up, the host Cyndi is getting her hair done and Rebecca and Kanani love to look at the latest fashions.

The fashion show opens with a very casual look. The model is wearing the “Proud to be an American Girl” t-shirt.  The girls agree that is a most for all of them.

The next cateory is “Going Camping”, which the girls love to do.  Julie wispers hallo to Lizzie, her best friend.  Rebecca is modeling a very comfortable hiking outfit and the backpack.  She can’t go camping without her cell phone.

Here comes the “Nature Lover” category.  These models know how to be prepared for the wilderness with their binoculars handy.

Every girl needs the right fashion to go shopping! Here Emily models a cute outfit when going to the market, while Jacqueline loves her bling.  Get a look at that backpack!

The next category is a more casual look when attending a party or going to a movie.  Kanani loves her Capri and sandals. Saige follows close behind also with a  cute Capri outfit, and the latest fashionable head wear, loved by all.

Now a fashion show can never be without the swimsuit category.  Here we have Henry modeling the latest boy’s fashion, while the girls follow modeling a one piece suit and a two piece suit.  Can’t decide which to get?

Helen steals the show with this adorable two piece pink and white polka dotted swimsuit, towel, and cover-up. Don’t leave that beach ball behind!

The fashion show comes to the end with the last category “A Special Occasion”. Here Dabbie models a cute pale yellow outfit perfect for Easter and Cyndi the host  is also wearing a very nice aqua outfit fit to wear for Easter or that special occasion.   Cyndi closes the fashion show reminding all to come back in the fall.


I can not even imagine how long this took to set up and photograph! Thank you so much Diana for a wonderful photo story to start the day!