Photo Story – Concert Night

Diana has a short photo story for you to enjoy today while I put the finishing touches on the Sunday Showcase!

Chrissa, Dabbie and Helen were excited to attend the grand opening of The Pink Lassie Musical Group.  They are the #1 girl group of the year and their records are on top of the charts.

At the back of the theater Liz and Lanie are arriving through the stage door. Liz is the lead singer for the group.  Lanie plays different instruments and is very talented.

Meanwhile inside we find Dana getting her hair done by Becky the hairstylist of the group.  Dana is so nervous to go on stage, she is the newest member of the Pink Lassie Musical Group.

The Pink Lassie Musical Group is a hit!  The Pink Lassie Musical group consists of, from left to right:  Zelia (Hearts for Hearts Girl) on the pink guitar, Lanie (American Girl) playing the keyboard, Liz (American Girl) the lead singer, Cyndi (Harmony Club Girl) playing the flute, Dana (Journey Girls) is on the electric guitar, Katie (American Girl) has the tamborine and Laura (Kidz n Cats) is on the piano.

What a great concert!  Dabbie and Helen(Kidz n Cats)  are getting autographs from Dana and Liz as they leave out of the back stage door.  What a night to remember!

Thanks Diana – we always enjoy your photos and photo stories!

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  1. That was so cute!

  2. What a cool photo story!

  3. So cute!

  4. lanielover says:

    How cute! My doll’s are working on a play called “Lizzie and the Stars”, it is a musical!!!!

  5. Saigeluver:) says:

    so cute. i ordered a little miss matched doll on toys r us! she’s uptown girl.

  6. Erin~ An Australian AG Fan says:

    How fun! I automatically thought of Cyndi Lauper when the name Cyndi was mentioned, shes a massively famous ’80’s singer.

  7. I like the rooms. The dolls look really cute in those dresses.

  8. Very cute!

  9. adorbs story, adorbs helen

  10. Too cute! Great pics! Thanks!

  11. love the story!

  12. Where does she get all those backdrops?!?

  13. What a fun story, Diana! The dolls all look so cute in their outfits and I really like how you have added so many little accessories to bring the photographs to life. It was interesting to see the theatre background incorporated into your story, as well, because I was curious about that.

  14. 17thie! xD

  15. These photo stories are super cute!

  16. juliet-the-great says:

    Diana- you have A LOT of dolls!?!? ( jelous )

  17. that storey rocks so cute i loveee photo storeys but that 1 is the best

  18. Enjoyed the story; fun to see so much of the theatre set and loved all your props and dolly fashions too.

  19. Diana Gash says:

    Ladies, Thank you for all for your nice comments. I have a lot of accessories because I am always looking for items for the dolls. I love to do the photo stories with as much realistics props as possible. I do have several dolls to pick from and I try to give them all a chance at the limelight…;-)
    As for the backgrounds, well let’s say I have become creative. I am glad you all enjoy it! I am already working on my next one…stay tune..

  20. awesome story! I love it!

  21. AG has some backdrops too guys.

  22. O! I just LOVE that back round!!!!!!

  23. Abby4031 says:

    i want that sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!:)