I’m super excited for this week’s “Pet Rescue” theme!  To set the scene for this week I have pictured the “Vet Set” from Payne Street Doll Boutique.  To keep the animals on a soft surface I have created a Pet Pad.


Pet Pad supplies:

Felt (I used Kunin Felt in a bright floral pattern)

Duck Tape





1.  The felt was cut into a 5 ½ x 7 inch rectangle.

2.  A piece of Duck Tape was cut just a little longer than one of the edges.  The Duck Tape was place sticky side up on my work surface.   The felt was placed face side down on the Duck Tape.  I just eyed it up to be in the center of the tape.

3.  The bottom edge of tape was flipped up, folded over, and sealed down.  The hanging edges were cut off.

4.  The above steps were repeated on all sides.


I think the Pet Pad adds cute color to the vet’s office.


Other supplies to consider are small white pompoms for cotton balls, real gauze bandages cut down to size, and mini Popsicle sticks for tongue depressors.  The pompoms and sticks can be found at your local craft store (mine are from Michaels.)  The bandages can be found at any drug store in the first aid aisle. 


Please see this link to make the Pet E-Collar.


Please see this link to see other pictures of this vet set.