Earlier this summer we did a doll play activity called the Babysitter’s Club and we used a retired American Girl baby for one of our models:

doll play scene babysitting

Isn’t she just sooo cute?  Since that cutie is retired, what’s a girl to do??? Go to Target! They sell a line of Circo mini baby dolls for around $3 that work perfectly.

One of our readers, Brandy, sent in photos of some of the Circo mini babies and their gear they picked up.

Circo mini baby dolls

This is how they are packaged in the store. There are a variety of sets, but they all say “mini” something.

mini circo baby dolls

Addy is doing a great job babysitting!


Felicity is washing her hands at the sink.

Addy babysits

“Time for a snack little one” says Addy.

Felicity babysitter

Felicity loves to babysit her little sister.

Elizabeth babysitter

“Let’s go for a walk!” says Elizabeth.

Elizabeth babysitter


And time for bed.

Thanks so much Brandy for sending these in! So adorable!

You can see even more photos at Karen’s site in Brandy’s guest post. And if you missed the Babysitter’s Club activity the first time – visit Day 58 The Babysitter’s Club now and don’t forget to print out the activity sheet, too.