Nicki and Saige were invited to an Americana Picnic sponsored by World Market and so we created these adorable tees for them to wear.  They were super simple to make and the dolls look simply patriotic and adorable wearing them.

All you need to make this fashionable attire is a 100% cotton doll tee and the Patriotic Tulip One Step Tie Dye kit from i Love to Create.  I got the shirt from Sophia’s online.  They have such cute doll clothing and so many other great things too.

The shirts take a while for the dye to set so if you are planning to create these, be sure to allow the necessary time.  The wait is totally worth it!  Look at Nicki…

And the stylish Saige!

The picnic basket and all of the snacks are part of the party blog post that I did over on Laura Kelly’s INKlings.  Check it out and enter to win the World Market Sweepstakes that includes 4 Southwest Airline tickets, hotel accommodations AND a $500 World Market Gift Card too!

HAPPY Red, White and Blue!