Patriotic Picnic Set for Dolls

Patriotic Picnic Set for Dolls

This week I am participating in a 5 day I Love the USA blog hop featuring Laura Kelly Designs fabric you can find at Joann and other goodies. So, how this works is that each of the participating bloggers got a box of goodies and we were challenged to make something patriotic using all the supplies we got.  I am always up for a challenge and this is one that turned out even better than I expected.  Follow along and you can make a Patriotic Picnic for your dolls too.

Patriotic Picnic Set - I Love the USA Blog Hop

These are the supplies I received along with a few extra details that I purchased.

What you will need to create the Patriotic Picnic set:

  • Laura Kelly Patriotic Peeps fabric from Joann Stores
  • Trim – I used red lacey trim that was self adhesive that I found in the scrapbooking area on clearance for 79 cents
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons from Buttons Galore and More
  • Pinwheels 

  Patriotic Picnic Set - I Love the USA Blog Hop

Step 1 – Start by cutting your fabric to the size of the table or picnic table that your dolls use.

Step 2 – Finish the sides (I just did the two long sides for the picnic table) with self adhesive trim, pompoms, ric-rack or by sewing a neat hem.

Patriotic Picnic Set - I Love the USA Blog Hop

Saige and Emily adjust the tablecloth so it sits just right on their picnic table (which is from Chrissa’s collection that is long retired).

Patriotic Picnic Set - I Love the USA Blog Hop

Step 3 – Using fabric scraps or doll sized napkins you may already have on hand (this one is from the AG breakfast in bed set) wrap a fork or spoon in the napkin and secure with a piece of coordinating ribbon.

Patriotic Picnic Set - I Love the USA Blog Hop

Step 4 – Make a sweet centerpiece using a small container filled with the patriotic pinwheels. I cut the handles of the pinwheels to different lengths.

Step 5 – Take the same ribbon you used for the silverware and wrap it around your vase/container (mine happens to be a retired Longaberger mini milk pitcher) and secure with a dot of hot glue.

Step 6 – Make it interesting by adding a stack of 2-3 buttons in different sizes and securing them with hot glue.

Patriotic Picnic Set - I Love the USA Blog Hop

Step 7 – Make a coordinating placemat out of a solid color piece of felt or fabric.

Step 8 – Cover a plate with the Patriotic Peeps fabric and you have a very coordinated look.

Patriotic Picnic Set - I Love the USA Blog Hop

Maria has stopped by to enjoy the celebration and she brought dessert!

Patriotic Picnic Set - I Love the USA Blog Hop

I used another piece of the Patriotic Peeps fabric and added the trim all the way around for an extra touch on the pie basket (from The Queen’s Treasures). It sure looks good to Saige.

Thanks to the Blog Hop Sponsors – Laura Kelly and Jen Goode as well as the Hop Partners – General Fabrics, Plaid, Fiskars, Coats and Clark, Buttons Galore and More, Joann Stores and Cre8Time.

Take a look at some of the other talented bloggers that were in on the fun!




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  1. Jessica says:

    Very cute, I love the centerpiece.

  2. Awesome! I will totally make this!

  3. Megan!!!!!! says:


  4. This is very cute!!!!!

  5. So cool

  6. Madelon says:


  7. These are just adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  8. My doll Emma came in the mail last night!!!!!! I will send some pictures in later today!!!!! Thanks Char!

  9. Last day of school for me! All I have to do is get through one more day…

  10. Rebecca says:

    Very charming! How or where did the drinks come from? How do you make one with ice cubes…what are the ice cubes made out of? Looking for suggestions for making pitcher of lemonade for tea party…any suggestions?

  11. Adorable craft! I will totally make this. Do you think it would be okay without a picnic table as like, a park picnic? Because I don’t have any doll picnic tables :(

  12. @Rebecca I think the drinks are from an American Girl set. Also, cute pinwheels!

  13. @Ella Congrats on getting Emma!

  14. AGInParadise – absolutely – I almost made it that way.

  15. Rebecca – the drinks an the pitcher are from various American Girl sets that we have.

  16. I am so happy I found you. As the author of four books and a pattern line for dolls clothes I am thrilled to see what you are all about. I love your different scenarios and the crafts are amazing. What absolute fun!

  17. That’s so cute!

  18. Very cute! I just go the most adorable July 4th doll outfit on Etsy! Perfect for this scene. Hey AGinParadise, you could use some doll boxes as a table too.

  19. Barbara MacAskill says:

    What little girl wouldn’t absolutely ADORE this cute setup? I love the basket liner that you made! I might have to make one for the rolls basket for our Independence Day BBQ! Thanks for the great ideas!

  20. Erin~ An Australian AG Fan says:

    I will do this one day, but it will be an Australian variation instead!

  21. I want to make the pinwheels for the Queen’s birthday! It’s officially on the 8th but her public one is coming up. Could you have some crafts for that?

  22. I’m officially addicted to your blog now. Love this cute set-up.

  23. Josefina says:

    Saige looks sooooooooo adollable!!!

  24. Laura – I’m so glad you found us!

  25. Boy, I sure do change my mind a LOT! Last time i swear! My dolls are now going to…A DAY CAMP! This is a great idea BTW!

  26. cordelia says:

    What a great picnic set-up for your dolls! The fabric is so happy and bright and I really like the way everything is coordinated. Katherine and Rose would love to join your dolls at this fun picnic.

  27. I absolutely love your creations! Too bad that I have boys! I might definitely consider making some things for my nieces though!

  28. @laura I found this blog one day one google and now I am so addicted to it that it is my home page

  29. WOW – everything looks great! Will make a great 4th of July picnic setup! : )

  30. sabrina says:

    Omg! Sups cute!

  31. Arianna says:

    Is this considered a camp doll diaries post because its not tagged as that. If it’s not is there a new post soon? CUTE CRAFT I GUESSED WE WOULD BE MAKING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  32. Arianna – it is considered to be one of the Camp Doll Diaries posts for today. Check back early tomorrow morning for another craft and then again tomorrow afternoon for another one.

  33. Tracy McLennon says:

    This is just too adorable!

  34. This looks very fun! I’ll have to try this soon.

  35. very fun!