Paola Reina America is open for business!  The E-Commerce is working and you can purchase dolls on their website now. All their dolls are 100% made in Spain.  I just could not wait any longer,  Alma has arrived and immediately stole my heart, will she do the same to yours?

Welcome said Brooke, I am so glad you are my size.   Alma is 23.6 inches.

Out of the box,  she stands and poses very nicely.  She is sturdy and has a good weight.   Her hair is amazing and very full.  She has 13 points of articulation.  She can only sit on chairs that have no arm rest since her legs do open. Since her knees can bend, she has a very natural and toddler sitting position, she is sitting in the right hand picture.

Her face is gorgeous with amazing blue sparkling eyes. Her dress is exquisite and I love the detail and colors used, grey, pink and white.

We went to our town’s  main center for some outside pictures, we picked a very windy day, but Alma loved it.

The nearby park has a gazebo, and Alma loves to read so she insisted on reading the plaque.

Inside the gazebo with her dog, Boo.

Here is a really close up look at her eyes. I have never seen doll eye this beautiful! Her eyes are fixed not sleepy eyes.

The following pictures are meant to show how Alma “fits in”,  no matter what adventure she encounters.

Enjoying a fun day with her playmates.

A change of clothes to a play dress.  She can wear NB baby clothes.

Do you want to play ball?

Ready to play…

Throw the ball…

Throw it back…

Group picture with the Gotz playmates, they have similar sizes.

At the bakery, do you want a cupcake?  Hi Alma said Hannah, do you want to join me?

Alma loves to model her new clothes. She can wear Newborn Baby outfits.  Minor adjustments were made at the waist.  I love her new look, her hair style was also changed.

This outfit comes with panties, are they not adorable?

Some fun looks of Alma.

Come back Rembrandt, said Alma.  Alma was running after Rembrandt, but she finally caught him.  They love to play together.

Alma had a special adventure with her new girlfriend, they immediately bonded at first sight.   We went to the movies to watch Rio2, the girls were excited, can you tell?

Afterwards we went to the park. Isn’t  this the best day a girl can have?   There was nothing that  Alma could not do!

Back home after a fantastic day, Alma was exhausted.  Cuddling her doll and with Boo at her side, she fell asleep.

Alma (means soul) has captured many hearts in just a very short time.  It is refreshing to see this exquisite  size doll have a come back in today’s world of 18″ dolls.  Alma has no elastic strings, she has joints, a video of  how these dolls are made can be found on the Paola Reina America website.  I was concerned about clothes, but as it turns out the New Born outfits fit wonderfully and have no Velcro and can be found for $7.99.  

Alma celebrated her birthday with her friends.  Alma’s outfit was so easy to put together.  She wears a newborn skirt/legging attached set found at Goodwill for $2.92, the birthday top is from Build-A-Bear and the shoes are newborn shoes $7.99.  The crown was from the dollar section at Target.  The MP3 player is the perfect size and it is from Build-A-Bear.

She is different in many ways, but that is what makes her special and very much loved.

Has she stolen your heart?  Will she have a sister?

Fun Facts:
1. All the opinions are that of my own and do not represent those of Doll
2. All the props are part of my doll collection.
3. The young girl is my best friend’s daughter and not a model.  She truly loved this doll.  My friend has released permission to Doll Diaries to use the pictures in the post.
4. Baby clothes were purchased at Target and are size NB.
5. You can purchase Alma via  the E-Commerce Link at: