After reviewing several NY Toy Fair reviews of 2015 products for the doll world, one particular doll collection caught my attention.  The Every Girl doll collection of  Paola Reina, the dolls made in Spain and distributed by Paola Reina of America ( who attended the NY Toy Fair with their beautiful dolls.  One of the collections introduced this year is the “Every Girl”, let’s take a look:
I was able to get special access to their 2015 catalog, since they will be available around May 2015 on their website.  As their logo states “Munecas con Amor”  meaning  Dolls with Love,  these dolls have a very special feature, they can pose like real people and they are 18 inch tall.
Here is a full view of  two out of  the 5 dolls available in the Every Girl Collection.  Their outfits are perfect in representing what every day kids would wear and like all of Paola Reina’s outfits they are sewn with perfection.
The other three dolls which are part of this collection.  Each comes with a unique hair and eye combination. Decisions, decisions, which one to pick?
So what makes this doll so special?  The body!  The body is a soft body with full vinyl arms and legs but in addition to having 5 points of articulation, the body contains a bone structure allowing additional poses.  They can turn and move at
different angles like real people, but they do not bend at the elbows nor knees.  I can not wait to do a complete review with all the possibilities that this doll will bring.   Also the body size will allow for other 18 inch full body clothes to be worn.
Each doll comes with a name but of course you can change it.  The following pictures are face close up of each of the dolls in the collection.  They all have sleepy eyes.
The only boy is named Unai, beautiful brown hair and brown eyes.
Maia is the redhead in the collection with light blue eyes, almost gray and lightly spread freckles.  She is the only one with freckles.
Isa, what a unique and pretty name, is the blonde with light blue eyes.
Andrea, the African American doll has such a beautiful face with black hair and light brown eyes.
Vicky is the brunette with light brown eyes.
This is a fantastic collection in my opinion, and each doll will fit in very nicely with other full body 18 inch dolls.  They can share clothes and accessories and add diversity to any collection.   The price range is approximately $94.00 US dollar and can be ordered via the Paola Reina of America Website ( or at one of the stores in the USA that carry the product.  The Every Girl dolls should be released around May 2015.
As soon as the dolls which I ordered arrive, a more detailed review will be published.
Which dolls do you think I ordered?  Which ones do you like?
Fun Facts:
1. A special thank you to Paola Reina of America (  for sending me the 2015 catalog  which lists so many wonderful dolls.  Paola Reina of America can also be found on Facebook:  Paola Reina America  (  More to come later.
2. The opinions above are my own and do not represent those of  Doll Diaries.