Karen here and I have been working towards getting my own kids to pack their own healthy lunches for school, today I wanted to share with you a fun way to make your dolls a healthy lunch as well. I found this doll sized Lunch Box at Micheal’s the craft store on sale for $2.50 and thought it would be fun to show you how I filled it.

To make your own Doll Sized Healthy Lunch you will need:


Step 1- Unwrap your tan color and work it in your hand, pressing it out to 1/8 of an inch wide. Use the large square crinkle cutter and press down. This creates your first piece of bread. Repeat these steps again for the second piece and set both pieces aside.

Step 2-  Unwrap and work out the orange clay. This will be the cheese for your sandwich, roll it out to 1/8 of an inch wide like the bread. Use the crinkle cutter to cut out your slice of cheese.

Step 3- Unwrap and work out the green clay between your fingers until it is very thin. You do not need to make it the same size as the bread and cheese as lettuce usually hangs over slightly.

Step 4- Layer your clay sandwich and use the tool knife to cut your sandwich in half as shown in the photo above. Place aside for baking.


Step 1- To make a muffin for your doll to enjoy, roll out some dark brown clay and shape it into a muffin shape between your fingers as shown in the photos above. Once you have a shape you are happy with use your tool knife to make the wrapper indents on your muffin bottom

Step 2- Make the marks along the bottom edge of your muffin all the way around. Once you are done make a mark along the edge of the “wrapper indents” to create an edge below the muffin top.

Step 3- Use your tool to make marks in the muffin top as shown in the photo above. Then set aside for baking.


Step 1- Unwrap your red and green clay. Work the red clay into a small ball. Slightly flatten it between your fingers so that when you place it down it doesn’t roll away. Set it aside.

Step 2-Roll a very small snake like shape out of the dark brown clay to make an apple stem. Press it gently into the top of the apple you just made.

Step 3- Work a small amount of green clay between your fingers to create two small leaves. Press them into place around the stem.

Place all clay items you just created on the oven safe baking tray and place in the preheated oven. Bake according to the directions on the side of the clay. Once fully cooked remove from the oven and allow it to cool completely before sharing your Dolly Healthy Lunch with your doll.

Be sure to keep a look out  for a small metal lunch box like the one I found at your local craft of party store to add to your doll play collection to store your dolls lunch.