Outdoor games were popular in the 50’s.  You could play them with friends, neighbors or even on your own if no one could join you. They did not cost a lot of money.  For games like hop scotch all you needed was a piece of chalk.  Today I have 3 outdoor games to make for your dolls, jump rope, hula hoop and hop scotch.

These games are even popular today but it is fun to realize their significance in different eras.  They were a fun part of play and entertainment for children in the 50’s.

You can make one or two of these games or build a whole outdoor play scene for your dolls!


  • black paper
  • chording (or a shoelace)
  • large disposable lid (mine is a cool-whip lid)
  • white Sculpey clay
  • small Duck Tape (or regular Duck tape cut into a 1″ strip)
  • scissors
  • Spray adhesive (I am using Aleene’s Tacky Spray)
  • white chalk marker (found at Walmart, JoAnn’s or Michaels)
  • large piece of cardboard or poster board (not pictured)
  • clear protective spray (not pictured)

Hula Hoop

To make the hula hoop you need a large disposable lid.  I am using a lid from a cool whip container.  Fold the lid in half and make a small cut in the center.  Insert the scissors in the hole and cut out the center of the lid, leaving the rim.  Try it on the dolls waist.  Trim some of the inside of the rim off if the opening is not wide enough.

Wrap the rim in the small Duck tape (or regular Duck tape cut into long 1″ strips).

It’s hula hoop time!

Jump Rope

To make the jump rope, cut a length of chording long enough to go from one hand on the doll, in front of the feet and up to the other hand.  For the handles, wind each end of the chord with the small Duck tape or a 1″ strip of the regular Duck tape.

Say a fun jump rope rhyme as she jumps!

Hop Scotch

For the hop scotch board I made it into a black top backdrop for all the doll’s outside games.  You could also draw the doll size hop scotch board on the sidewalk outside with a piece of chalk to set up a fun scene.

There are several ways to make this project depending on what you have on hand.  A black poster board would work great as the black top.  I did not have a black poster board on hand but I did have black paper. I have been building many of our doll scenes out of paper so I thought I would share that method.  Be sure to get help from an adult while using the spray adhesive.  For the first part of this project make it outside or in a well ventilated area.  Lay out a piece of cardboard or a poster board.  Spray the back of a piece of black paper over a surface covered in newspaper.  Carefully place the paper on the cardboard.  Using a spray adhesive will make it super sticky so where it touches it will want to stay.  If you do not have a spray adhesive you could also use a glue stick to attach the paper.  I like the spray adhesive for backdrops because the edges and center of the paper will not have gaps.  Adding a clear protective spray at the end will make a durable backdrop for doll play.

Cover the cardboard with black paper.  Cut out a rectangle of paper the size you want the hop scotch squares to be.  It needs to be a little longer than the length of your dolls foot with a shoe on.  Use a white marker (one that will show up on dark paper like this liquid chalk marker) and use the square as a guide to draw out the hop scotch board.  The chalk marker will smear so first let it dry and then finish with a clear protective spray  to set the marker and to make a more durable backdrop.

I made the doll size piece of chalk using Sculpey clay.  It is fun for the scene to make it look like they drew their own hop scotch game on the black top!

Time for some outside fun that was popular in the 50’s!  Of course these fun little accessories will also be a great for modern doll scenes and play!

Just in case you are interested here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Dolls-The brunette is a My American Girl doll I bought off of Craigslist a number of years ago and I’m not sure what number she is.  The blonde is Sophia from My Doll’s Life.
  • Outfits-White shirts and jeggings are from My Doll’s Life.  Jeans and shoes are from Springfield Collection.  Hair accessories are made with scraps of fabric.

Play games from the past and games from today!