Great job Outdoor Explorers on a fun filled first week at camp!  I can’t think of a better way to end the week than with a party!  Whether you are a pioneer from the past or a present day scout, a campfire roast is a great way to come together for good food and friendship.   I wanted the dolls to cozy up to the fire with a beautiful quilt.  Quilts are cherished treasures from both long ago and present day.  Thank you so much to The Queen’s Treasures for providing the amazing Great Outdoors Wilderness Adventure Set to go with our campfire roast.  This set includes the two Adirondack chairs, carrying basket, 2 smores, 2 marshmallow sticks, and fire ring.  This set makes this party scene perfect!

Let’s take a look at the supplies needed to make the quilt.

This particular quilt was inspired by the quilts on my daughters’ beds.  These quilts are from Pottery Barn Teen.  I wanted to surprise my daughters with matching quilts for their dolls.  I purchased brightly colored material in the closest pattern I could find.  The design was a very basic.  I used various sizes of squares and rectangles.  I cut templates out of cardboard and traced each pattern onto the fabric with a chalk pencil.

I used a basic straight stitch on my sewing machine and stitched the pieces together.  I used a solid white fabric backing.  I sewed it together like a pillow case.  Once all three sides were sewn, I turned it inside out and placed inside a piece of ¼ inch thick batting.   The open end was sewn shut on the machine.   Using Coats and Clark quilting thread I hand stitched several knots over several of the squared corners to keep the batting in place.

 I did use Tulip Fabric Markers on the flowered fabric.  The fabric I purchased did not have black, orange, or yellow accents as the fabric in my daughters’ quilts.  These markers worked great for adding the extra colors I needed.  They wrote smoothly and did not bleed or fade out.

Once the campfire party was over I placed the quilts in the dollhouse.  Please come see my posts this coming Fall on decorating this dollhouse.

Dolls pictured: American Girl Kirsten, AG Custom Anne of Green Gables, Madame Alexander that we call JoJo, American Girl Samantha (our Diana), and inside tent is a sleeping JLY American Girl doll.

For more information on the Great Outdoors Wilderness Adventure Set  please see The Queens Treasures website. I hoped you enjoyed the first week of camp as much as I did!  Stop back later today for a printable Camp Songbook to go with your Campfire scene and another giveaway!!