American Girl Nellie and Samantha now retired When I heard the news that Samantha’s collection was going to be retired, I knew I needed to order Samantha and Nellie right away. Originally I had planned on giving them to my daughter for Christmas, but once she saw Chrissa and found out that Chrissa is on a swim team, she no longer seemed interested in Sam and Nellie.

I ordered them anyhow and couldn’t believe how pretty Nellie is up close! Samantha is just so classic (and looks like me when I was younger).

Christmas has come and gone, Chrissa has been ordered (even though her swim gear won’t be here anytime soon) and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to bring Samantha and Nellie out this evening. The dolls are mine (along with Felicity) but my daughter gets to take care of them and let them stay in her room with all the other dolls).

Miss N was so genuinely happy and appreciative to have Sam and Nellie join her dolls. She immediately started reading Nellie’s book and helped me find a space on her cabinet for them.

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And while most of Samantha and Nellie’s collection have been retired for the time being, you can still get a lot of it on the secondary market.