Before I announce this month’s reader photo event, I thought I would share some pictures with you. So many of our readers have asked how many dolls we have and which ones that last night Natalie and I took the time to dress them all in shades of pink, red or purple so I could photograph them all. I already know that I missed our BFC Ink doll Addison, Tender Hearts Emma, our MyTwinn doll Rochelle, and Megan’s first MyAG doll Nicole which  is at my niece’s house, but otherwise this is pretty much it – well, minus all the Barbies, Groovy Girls and Build-a-Bears.

American Girl Dolls Springfield Dolls

From left to right – Alex (MyAG #21), Olivia (Springfield Dolls), Kailey (LE 2003-2004), Calista (MyAG #39) and Emily (Historical)

American Girl dolls Terri Lee

From left to right: Nicki (LE 2007), Lily (Terri Lee), and Kit (Historical)

d American Girl dolls

Ready for a slumber party we have Madison (Springfield Dolls), Sonali (LE 2009) and Marisol (LE 2005).

Springfield doll Madison

Madison gets a close up!! Don’t you just LOVE her two ponytails?? I just think she is adorable.

american girl, carpatina, ellowyne

Moving right along we have Chrissa (LE 2009), Erin (Carpatina), Ellowyne (Wilde Imagination) and Gwen (LE 2009).

american girl, carpatina, ellowyne

These photogenic girls asked for a close up. Okay, it was Ellowyne who asked!

american girl historicals

Our historical girls – Kirsten, Felicity, Elizabeth, Samantha and Nellie.

Maplelea, American Girl, LMM

Left to right we have Ivy (Historical), Taryn (Maplelea), Emma (Tonner Toys Little Miss Matched), Kanani (LE 2011), Hadley (Tonner Toys Little Miss Matched), Saila (Maplelea) and Julie (Historical).

bitty baby

And finally, we have Daisy (Bitty Baby Twin), Penelope (Bitty Baby) and Fritz (parties all night outside, sleeps all day inside house cat). Our brunette Bitty Twin was still wearing her Halloween costume and didn’t want to be photographed.

So start getting your dolls ready for a Valentine’s Party and take pictures because the February Reader Photo Event will be a Virtual Valentine Party for Dolls!