The one outfit that everyone expected American Girl to release this summer but they didn’t is Saige’s Day of Beige outfit from her book. Our Generation has one that I found that would make a great stand in.

The dress on the new Grow Your Hair Kendra caught my eye. I love how it looks on the American Girl doll! I paired it with American Girl boots and the fabric is very nice.

The wrap around belt with the tiny buckle looks like AG quality. The ruffle flounce at the bottom is a nice touch, too.

This is Kendra – the Our Generation doll who this outfit belongs to. The vest and shoes are nice, too, but I will use them for something else.


Kendra from the back.  Some of this hair goes into the doll’s head through a hole. There is a knob on her back. The best part of this doll is her outfit.

Kendra is very content though. 

She also came with hair extensions which I will try later. I don’t know if it was worth the $29.99 for the doll and dress, but to me the dress is worth $22, which is what I thought I was paying.

What do you think? Have you seen any other outfits that would make good Day of Beige options?