Hi there! It is Natalie again and it’s time for the next outfit in the sports fashion show. This time I will be reviewing the Our Generation That’s How I Roll outfit. Let’s begin!

Looks super cute in the package… Let’s see how it looks on a doll!

Loveeeeeee it! The shorts are the cutest part of this whole outfit. Plus, Saige really looks like a skateboarding kind of a girl!

Hehehe! These are so cute. Look at those bright colors!

EEEEEP!!! I am in love with these shorts! I want a pair myself! They may just end up in other outfits. 😉

As for this shirt, I am not too crazy about it. It works with the outfit though!

Saige is just working this hat! I love the shade of purple it is, very sweet.

Finally my (second) favorite part of this outfit… The adorable skateboard! This is way too fun. The wheels really move and I am not gonna lie, I may have spent most of the time playing with this skateboard rather then posing and taking the photos haha.


So fun!

I thought that this was a super cute set and would rate it 4.5/5 stars! Very fun, super bright colors, and easy to put on your doll.

Until next time this is Natalie signing off. Click!