Our Generations has created more accessories for the dolls this year than ever before!  They are very detailed and very nice quality.  Last year they introduced the doll house, but with no furniture.  This year the furniture was created.  Let’s take a look.

This is my favorite piece the Patio Furniture which includes the tree, lounge chair and umbrella.   This is how it would look in the doll house.

Since I am not in the same location where my doll house is, I decided to make a base for the umbrella.  I went to the Dollar Tree store and picked up the clear plastic bowl (two for a $1), a bag of decorative rocks and a green Styrofoam base which fits nicely in the bowl, total cost $3.oo.  You can glue the Styrofoam to the bottom of the clear bowl, but I just simply added the rocks which had enough weight to hold the base and the umbrella.   I found the middle and inserted the umbrella making sure the hole in the Styrofoam reminded as small as possible.

Now the umbrella can be used anywhere and not just with the doll house.  This set is on sale for $12.50 this week at Target online with free shipping.

One of the accessory sets that caught my attention was the Tea Set.  This new Tea Set includes so many first time items, not found in other sets. The honey bottle, the sugar bowl, tea bags and the tea container, as well as all the treats. Two tea cups and saucers and spoons, the tea pot with cover and a dollie for the tea pot.

Katie loves her afternoon tea.  See the details of the tea bag and the tea pot in the background.  This set is awesome.


All the nice treats and snacks that come with this set is amazing.  There is something for everyone’s taste!

Katie and Diana enjoy an afternoon of tea and treats.

Our Generation has several more new accessory sets so come back soon for more.

Fun Facts:
1. The doll models are from Gotz  (Katie and Emily renamed Diana ), they can be ordered from My Doll Best Friend in the UK.  They ship to the USA. 
2. Katie is wearing an outfit from Journey Girl and Diana is wearing a Our Generation outfit.