Our Generation provide us with small accessory sets which are only available in Target stores and not listed on the Target website.  The only way of  knowing what is new is by checking the Our Generation website (http://ogdolls.com/accessories). I was so pleased to see that now there are accessories for the “modern” doll but also for the “retro” doll.   I do hope OG continues to release items for the Retro series.   Let’s take a look at these wonderful play accessories…

First we will review the “modern’ series:

I fell in love with the Night at the Movies set, since it goes wonderful with the AG theater seats I recently acquired.  The School Smarts brings the first “marker” and the cap is removable.  The post it notes have individual sheets of paper, so realistic.

Both these sets are very nice.  Hoping Summer comes soon for the beach accessories to be used.

Another one of my favorite sets which goes great with the Spa collection.  The top of the nail polish bottles do come off, but there is no brush.  The make-up brushes are all plastic.

This set is wonderful, with lots of detail.  The food is separated and you can actually make a sandwich.  The top pf the water bottle is removable and the yogurt top comes off.  I love the special touch with the sticky note.

Now let’s take a look at the “retro” series:

This will go great with Kanani’s collection as well as the Cabana Set from AG.  It comes with a flower bracelet.

This set is my favorite in the retro series!  I can not wait to use it as part of a story, I actually remember my mom wearing these type of rollers and sitting under the hairdryer.  Again so realistic.

I have been waiting for this set for over a year, although it was listed on the OGdoll website, it did not get released until now.  It goes terrific with the retro Diner set.  Love this set!

This set is for the office working girl, it represents items that an office working girl would have in the 1950’s.

Bangles, Bangles and more Bangles, very much part of the 1950’s accessories.  The purse is actually knitted and very typical of the 1950’s.

I find this set very interesting since it contains various odd and funky sunglasses.  These would definitely be great for a party scene. 

What I find so great about all these sets is that all the items can be stored in the bag/purse it brings, so you can keep the items nicely stored.

What is your favorite set?  How would you use it?

Fun Facts:
1. These are all new sets and are starting to arrive at the various Target stores.