You just never know what Our Generation sets you might find when you visit your local Target store. They change stock frequently and often get just one or two of any item so if you see a set you like it may not be there the next time you go!

Our Generation Plaid to Meet laptop

This afternoon Natalie went with her big brother to get back to school haircuts (because I can’t drive after my surgery yet) and afterwards they went to Target to pick up a few last minute school supplies. Of course she had to walk through the doll aisles and she spotted this AWESOME set from Our Generation.

The set is called Plaid to Meet You and includes a black and plaid briefcase type bag with a scottie dog on the front, a doll sized stylus/pen, and the cutest little laptop ever!! The keys on the keyboard are raised and it even has a touchpad.

Our Generation Plaid to Meet laptop

This is the laptop when it is closed. HOW CUTE IS THIS? I would love a laptop like that for ME! The red, white and pink combination is just too much fun.

The best part about this set – it was $7 (I originally posted it was $3 but then I checked the receipt…)!!! What a bargain for such an adorable set.

Our Generation Plaid to Meet laptop

Gwen has already taken the laptop and started setting it up so she can use it for homework.

If you happen to be lucky enough to find this set at your local Target, get it. No questions asked. Just get it. Your dolls will thank you later!