After a much needed break, Diana is back! We are so happy to see her photos and insights into what is new.


Who is Kaylee?  This amazing doll is part of the new 2014 Our Generation Dolls recently released and I am very pleased to see the many changes that Our Generation has made, let’s take a look….

Kaylee captured my attention as soon as I saw her on the shelf.  Just recently Target had them on sale so I picked her up.

Kaylee has two curly pigtails and the new hair is so soft, yes there has been a change in the hair quality.  I love her outfit which comes with a knitted shrug original from OG since no other competitor has released one like it.  The top is sleeveless, and the pink skirt is very pretty.  The stockings is made to make it easy to put on and does not snag easily.  The shoes are plastic but very pretty with a cute bow on top.

Here is the back view showing how nicely the pigtails have been arranged.  Again this hair is so soft!   I do not recommend brushing it, this would be the style she would wear all the time.

A playful Kaylee, her expression is so real.  Her eye color is between blue and aqua, and not dull at all.

The new 2014 OG dolls have a new face mold and complexion.  I love the way the nose is shaped and the lips are no longer purple.  Yes they changed the lip color to have more of a realistic color.

Kaylee sits nicely and does not need to have her legs widely spread out.

A beautiful portrait of Kaylee playing with her dog.  Her close up shows the diverse eye color.  Kayle has a medium skin tone and her hair and eye color bring her look all together.   I have not seen another doll like Kaylee, she is here to stay.

Our Generation has made major changes in the quality of the dolls, accessories, and clothes while still trying to keep cost down and an affordable product.  Will you bring home a 2014 OG doll?