Our Generation Contemporary Laundry Set

Let’s file this one under things that other doll lines have that American Girl does not! We were walking through Target the other day and just had to visit the doll section (because we always do) when this adorable laundry set for 18″ dolls caught my eye.

Our Generation Contemporary Laundry

Seriously, how cute is that?? The set includes Includes a washer, a dryer, a laundry shelf, clothes rack, ironing board, iron, 2 plastic bins, measuring cup, spray bottle, 6 hangers, 2 dirty laundry bins, 1 big basket, 2 small towels, 2 big towels, laundry detergent box, box of dryer sheets. It sells for $50. This would be such a fun piece if you were setting up an American Girl doll house or large play area for the dolls.

Laundry room, washer dryer for dolls

The photo above is from the Target web site but shows the whole set in better detail than my iPhone picture of the front of the box. Obviously it is all plastic and quite pink, but the set is so cute. I am seriously considering getting this set if it happens to go on sale any time soon.

Now if I could only teach Julie, Chrissa, Marisol and the rest of the dolls to do laundry for me! That would be awesome.

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  1. Cute!

  2. Anna-Marie says:

    That is so cute! I really want this for my dolls (but at a local store, I found a doll sized kitchen set that might work for my AG dolls, so I might have to consider that instead)

  3. My sister almost got this, but we got a car/jeep from that company for the dolls instead.

  4. My friend got it. This was so much fun to play with

  5. For those who don’t have a Target in their town, Wal-Mart has a cute line of 18 inchers called Friends Boutique. The dolls themselves are LOW LOW LOW quality but the outfits are cute! Last time I checked they had a bed with some “sleepy-time” goodies, a doll carrier, a super-cute set of roller blades, a tea set and a few other accessory sets, a doll carrier/tote bag, and some outfits. One of the outfits that caught my eye was an outfit with a striped shirt a lot like Julie’s, a cute pink vest, jeans, and ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE boots!! It was priced nicely at $12.99 so I will save up and buy it! I’ll make sure to tell you about it.

    Oh my golly! That was a long comment! I better quit….

  6. It’s really cute.

  7. i got a outfit from them and it is SOOOOO low quality! that is why you get so much for your monney.
    even though its more expensive, i love AG wAAAAAyyAYYYAYAyYAy more! It might be double the price, but its more than double the quality!

  8. I have an ag and our genouration and almost all the stuff i have for my dolls ( furniture, clothes, etc.) are from friends boutique and our genouration or home made :)

  9. I saw that on the target website. It looks cute. When ever I am able to make my dollhouse I will most definately be getting that and using it as a laundrey room. (especially with 15 little girls living there LOL)

    Mary- I have one of those beds you was talking about at walmart. I also have the bedroom set, and I have that exact outfit you described. I LOVE it it looks so cuteon Julie (if you have her) but if you dont it looks cute on well everybody. You should defianately get it.

  10. I want this! i cant ait for black friday to hit! lol :) i love Our Genoration becuase there sets are cute and cheap. :) i have oe of the beds ad i love it.

  11. I TOTALLY WANT THIS!!!! That is a good idea Erica!!! Black Friday will be cheaper!!!

  12. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I want some of the things they wanted

  13. SO CUTE!!!

  14. Has anyone noticed that OG has a bed that’s almost exactly like the Dreamy Day Bed, only with different bedding and WAY cheaper!

  15. that is one cool doll set. I should have noticed those 18″ doll sets when my family and i went to the united states this previous summer and we went into target to look at the lego. I did not see any 18″ doll sets. You said they are in the toy isle right?

  16. How Cute!!

  17. Gabrielle says:

    This set is sooooooo cute. I am sooo getting it!!!! Now I will have a spot to put my doll’s clothings. lol!!

  18. I have the laundry set! I really like it. It’s good quality and fun to play with, and it’s the perfect size for AG dolls. I definitely recommend it!!!

  19. I found the sewing machine. I WANT IT!!!!!!! Now Kiera, my JLY #25, can sew better clothes for herself.

  20. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Annie-yes, I did. My best friend asked, “Do you want this?”
    I replied, “Yes I do.”

    Alicia-Yes it is. I even have a Target right by my school and I look through that section constantly! I can’t help but look. My friends know I collect.

  21. almost all of the our generation sets are very very pink!!!

  22. Gabrielle says:

    true dat

  23. Lanie Holland says:

    I have 2 our generation sets: The Bathtub which comes with a bunch of lotion-like things, a shower cap, bathrobe, and a mirror, comb, nail polish, blush and eyeshadow brush, and a tray 2 hold it all.
    Then, I have the bedtime set, which comes w/ 2 pillows, blanket, facial stuff, cucumbers 4 eyes, and few other things tht I can’t remember.
    Last, I have 3 clothes things, and a little dog I named Honey. (I named it Honey after the AG dog cuz it looks like Honey….)
    Bye 4 now,
    Francesca Battistelli and Britt Nicole ROCK!
    Lanie Holland
    PS By Golly tht was the longest comment I have EVER typed!
    PPS Does anyone know how good quality the jeep/car is from the Our Generation set? I want it, but I am not sure if it will break or not….

  24. The Friends Boutique dolls that Wal-Mart sells are made by Madame Alexander. A true madame Alexander doll is high end, but they made that budget line to be more competitive. There would be no sense in them having dolls that were exactly like the AG and that quality. Their hair is horrible, but the face molds are cute. I have one I got brand new for My Emily Rose at Home business, and I have two I purchased used. I am re-wigging them as boys. One for my son and he wants to make a Cub Scout out of it and he likes to make miniature items, and the other for my friends’s daughter so her Kanani has a surfer dude boyfriend. They have rooted saran hair. The chest plate is a nice feature for strappy dresses, but since they do not go together exactly like an AG I have no idea how you could restring one. If you have a little sister that wants a doll they are good for a starter, since really little girls kill AG dolls hair. Wal Mart has a tiny stove and a clothes washer that are 15.00 each that were by the dishes, too small for a girl but perfect for a doll. I also saw a Disney princess tea set that was tiny and you had to decorate it yourself. That was doll sized.