Let’s file this one under things that other doll lines have that American Girl does not! We were walking through Target the other day and just had to visit the doll section (because we always do) when this adorable laundry set for 18″ dolls caught my eye.

Our Generation Contemporary Laundry

Seriously, how cute is that?? The set includes Includes a washer, a dryer, a laundry shelf, clothes rack, ironing board, iron, 2 plastic bins, measuring cup, spray bottle, 6 hangers, 2 dirty laundry bins, 1 big basket, 2 small towels, 2 big towels, laundry detergent box, box of dryer sheets. It sells for $50. This would be such a fun piece if you were setting up an American Girl doll house or large play area for the dolls.

Laundry room, washer dryer for dolls

The photo above is from the Target web site but shows the whole set in better detail than my iPhone picture of the front of the box. Obviously it is all plastic and quite pink, but the set is so cute. I am seriously considering getting this set if it happens to go on sale any time soon.

Now if I could only teach Julie, Chrissa, Marisol and the rest of the dolls to do laundry for me! That would be awesome.